The Proven Process

The Proven Process

What is this and why should you read it?

Our Proven Process outlines what you can expect from the beginning to the end of working with GlobalMac IT. It frames expectations and provides transparency around our service. Every single one of our clients is taken through this process, which ensures a smooth onboarding and continually transformational experience working with us.

Step 1: The Technology Vision Builder™

We help define your goals, challenges and opportunities related to technology. We share our Proven Process and how it builds towards your long term vision. We cover who we are, what makes us unique and define our role as Technology Success Provider.

Step 2: The Intake Process™

We gather information about your technology environment. This provides us with the big-picture impact of IT and how it currently affects all aspects of your firm.

Step 3: The Automated Systems Advantage™

We install proprietary, best-in-class management tools that increase security, automate Apple & 3rd party software and security updates,and monitor all Systems to identify root cause issues.

Step 4: The Team Support Experience™

We begin to support your team and relieve the person previously responsible for technology issues. You have a team of skilled, friendly professionals supporting your team.

Step 5: The Personalized Approach™

We personalize technology processes for your firm, such as software and hardware standards, setups for new employees, and lock down procedures.

Step 6: The Technology Clarity Report™

You receive a comprehensive report on the state of your I.T. environment, comparing you against our standards, and identify areas that are out of alignment. This serves as your long term roadmap and action plan.

Step 7: The Risk Reduction Solution™

With lowering risk as the top priority, we review the top security and stability issues identified in the Technology Clarity Report. We deliver a clear action plan to address these issues.

Step 8: The Quarterly Navigator™

We review recent accomplishments and set priorities for the next 90 days, leveraging the Technology Vision Builder and the Technology Clarity Report to guide us through this process.

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