When an IT issue comes up, all we have to do is submit a help-desk ticket, and GlobalMac IT responds with a timely call-back.

Once they start a call with us, they make sure the issue we flagged is resolved before the call ends. Overall, GlobalMac IT has been great in assisting us.

Samantha McCarthy

Founding Partner

McCarthy Law LLC,

East Greenwich, Rhode Island

When I struggled to set up a server and network for my employment law firm, a fellow attorney recommended GlobalMac IT. Their service immediately lifted a great weight from my shoulders.

Right away, I appreciated the friendly service and was impressed by their staff’s depth of knowledge. The most notable upside to working with GlobalMac IT has been how much time they save me.

Instead of frequently searching the Internet for do-it-yourself tech solutions (which often solved nothing or couldn’t be done by me), we now just call GlobalMac IT for any issue; their response time is great, their service spot-on, and it’s all covered under my flat-fee plan.

With our IT in better hands, I have peace of mind and more time to focus on the firm – I’m thankful for the recommendation of GlobalMac IT and happy to pay it forward to other Mac users.

Stephan Voudris

Voudris Law LLC,

Chagrin Falls, OH

The increased efficiencies they have implemented have made a dramatic improvement in how our firm operates.

We were in IT hell before GlobalMac IT. They have the expertise to fix any IT issue we encounter and the staff is great to work with.

Their solutions brought a huge benefit for our firm and clients, and provides us peace of mind.

Barry I. Rose

Managing Partner
Mooney Wieland LLP
Pago Pago, American Samoa

They know how to take care of our every need. My staff loves working with GlobalMac IT.

I have worked with all of your guys at some point but on a daily basis I speak to Thomas and Jeff and they are great guys. Not only are they friendly and always in a good mood, they know how to take care of our every need. My staff has nothing but good things to say about them. Congratulations on having such a great team.

Mary Martinez

Law Office Administrator
Colvin, Chaney, Saenz & Rodriguez, L.L.P
Brownsville & Edinburg, TX

I have to let my fellow family law attorneys know of a huge mistake I made for the first two decades of my legal career – handling most of my firm’s IT needs myself.

For instance, when one of our computers had a problem (and when we used PCs there were many), I thought the best course of action was to try to solve it myself instead of having a professional do so – as it would “save money.”

All of that changed late last year when we (finally) realized that the best course of action was to outsource certain functions in order to allow us to spend more time doing what we do best – handle family law cases. We started using GlobalMac IT for our computer and network needs, and we are beyond pleased with the results. They understand how to setup computer networks for law firms, and I don’t have to worry about issues arising, if they do, I know the team at GlobalMac IT will be there to save the day.

Ben Stevens

The Mac Lawyer
Attorney The Stevens Firm,
P.A. Spartanburg, SC

Turnkey IT service — it’s like having an IT department down the hall dedicated to our needs.

Their business model allows them to take a proactive approach, suggest solutions that improve our law practice’s processes and procedures, making our entire staff more productive, as opposed to just fixing the initial problem.

Kimberly T. Lee

Desert Law Group
Indian Wells, CA

By converting my law firm from Windows to Macs, what GlobalMac IT has done for my ability to live my life and law practice, has been remarkable.

In January 2010, I decided to convert my law offices from PC’s to Apple and to become a “paperless” firm. My firm has offices in several states, and I met Tom while working in my California office. Even though there are plenty of Apple consultants in Minneapolis, I was so impressed with Tom’s skills and abilities that I flew him to my Minneapolis offices for a week to do the conversion with my entire staff.

In the following months, Tom worked efficiently with my staff to train them and correct any problems that were encountered. People acclimated to PC’s are often resistant to converting to Mac, but Tom worked with my staff for what seemed like an effortless and seamless transition. GlobalMac IT has been very responsive to any questions or concerns any of us have had. The bottom line is that GlobalMac IT is the most competent Apple Consulting firm I have ever worked with, and I highly recommend his services to all Mac-based law firms.

Update in 2013: “Without you, I would be back in the Stone Age”

By converting my law firm from Windows to Macs, what GlobalMac IT has done for my ability to live my life and law practice, has been remarkable. For instance, I am in Paris and my secretary is up in her cabin in the middle of nowhere. She is tethered to an iPhone, and my partner is home with a sick kid in Minneapolis. Yet, we are doing business at a high level; it is instantaneous.

The setup and tools have to work to remain productive. This does a few things for me:

1. It provides good employees; because you have to trust the people you are dealing with.

2. You need to be able to monitor what they are doing, and the tools you have implemented for us lets us see in real time what is being accomplished.

3. The employees appreciate that they do not have to be tethered to the office if they get sick, or if it is raining or snowing. The work goes on, which is critical.

That is what the services of GlobalMac IT have allowed my business to do, without that I would be back in the Stone Age. I literally could not function the way I do without what you have done for our law firm.

Robert Hajek

Attorney at Law
Hajek & Beauclaire LLC
Minnetonka, MN Del Mar, CA

Why You Must Switch your law firm to Macs and Why GlobalMac IT is The Support Partner You Need

For eight years we struggled with PCs and PC service providers. The equipment kept costing more and more and the service providers we used kept going out of business. Every problem was a “crisis” that required hours, if not days, to fix, and that’s when were able to reach the service provider at all. Quite often they would say they would be available in about 72 hours, as if it was okay for us to be down that long. Proactivity was a pipe dream and I was spending a lot my own time, every day, trying to fix issues, instead of running my law firm.

The Apple Business Team in Cupertino connected us with GlobalMac IT when I was ready to migrate over. Within 30 days everyone was acclimated to the change, and things were much simpler. Tasks that took a lot of time on a PC took substantially less on the Mac. Large problems are now almost unheard of and when we do have issues or need support, GlobalMac IT is always there. Many times, support tickets are fixed the same day. No longer do we feel like we are imposing on their time like our previous IT providers; instead they continue to tell us that they are here to help us and make us more productive.

Looking back 2 years later, we cannot imagine going back to PCs or leaving GlobalMac IT. It has been one of the best decisions we made as a company.

Stuart M. Horwitz

Horwitz & Damicone
Akron, OH

I was just so amazed by their brilliance & efficiency, and very thankful for their timely support.

Well what can I say about GlobalMac IT… I’ve nicknamed their staff the “Cape Men” because they are like that superhero that flies in when you need him. Actually, after Tom helped me out of a mess one day, I was teasing him about the “Iron Man” theme song and he morphed it into “I am Apple Man” and then the whole super hero theme began.

I was so amazed by their brilliance and efficiency, and very thankful for their timely support. I am a contract paralegal working in a variety of practice areas. For 20+ years I was a die hard “PC” person, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Tom has converted me to “Mac.” I always thought of a Mac as some type of a graphic arts computer and not a word processing work horse that is necessary for legal work – I was wrong. It’s been a step-by-step process, yet smooth transition, with Tom’s guidance and support, and now I just love it, and would not want to go back to a PC.

My office is paperless and the Mac makes that incredibly possible. With the flexibility of dragging and dropping any and all information at ease, it allows for epic efficiency. With GlobalMac IT’s gentle insistence, I am now starting to use Daylite and Billings Pro to their potential. Using projects and the timer in Billings Pro is doubling my billings. Unlike in the past, all those little e-mails, quick calls, and file management projects are now being billed appropriately to the client.

Deb Benson

Hajek & Beauclaire
Minnetonka, MN Del Mar, CA

Lost at sea without GlobalMac IT!

You guys are the best! I can’t even imagine what I would do if I didn’t have GlobalMac to depend on!

Suzanne Zaranko

Senior Paralegal and Office Manager
The Chandra Law Firm, LLC
Cleveland, OH

The entire team has a very strong, positive attitude.

GlobalMac IT’s services are invaluable. The entire team has a very strong, positive attitude and a desire to provide value with their can-do mentality.

Subodh Chandra

Attorney at Law
Chandra Law Firm
Cleveland, OH

Using a Windows shop that “knows Macs” is like hiring a litigator to do corporate transactions.

Using a Windows shop that “knows Macs” is like hiring a litigator to do corporate transactions. Sure, they will figure it well enough out, but they are going to be training on your dime and not delivering the best possible work product. With Global Mac, they know how to prevent Mac issues from occurring and how to fix any issues that arise very quickly. They have very refined knowledge, processes, and procedures that they have developed through working exclusively with Mac-based law firms.

My experience with other IT shops is they nickel and dime you and end up costing more in the long run. By contrast, GMIT has done a lot of big projects for us, most recently document management platform conversion, for which they do not charge extra. Even if GMIT fees are higher, I will bet they make up for it through gained productivity. We do not have employee downtime as a result of IT issues.

Doug Wolfe

Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Wolfe Pincavage