Deb Benson

Deb Benson

By AA Concierge | August 7, 2023

I was just so amazed by their brilliance & efficiency, and very thankful for their timely support.

Well what can I say about GlobalMac IT… I’ve nicknamed their staff the “Cape Men” because they are like that superhero that flies in when you need him. Actually, after Tom helped me out of a mess one day, I was teasing him about the “Iron Man” theme song and he morphed it into “I am Apple Man” and then the whole super hero theme began.

I was so amazed by their brilliance and efficiency, and very thankful for their timely support. I am a contract paralegal working in a variety of practice areas. For 20+ years I was a die hard “PC” person, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Tom has converted me to “Mac.” I always thought of a Mac as some type of a graphic arts computer and not a word processing work horse that is necessary for legal work – I was wrong. It’s been a step-by-step process, yet smooth transition, with Tom’s guidance and support, and now I just love it, and would not want to go back to a PC.

My office is paperless and the Mac makes that incredibly possible. With the flexibility of dragging and dropping any and all information at ease, it allows for epic efficiency. With GlobalMac IT’s gentle insistence, I am now starting to use Daylite and Billings Pro to their potential. Using projects and the timer in Billings Pro is doubling my billings. Unlike in the past, all those little e-mails, quick calls, and file management projects are now being billed appropriately to the client.

Deb Benson


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