Stupid Simple Mac Tip #56 – Undo That Last Closed Tab!

Stupid Simple Mac Tip #56 – Undo That Last Closed Tab!

By Tom Lambotte | November 17, 2020

Maybe you’re nothing like me, but then again, maybe you are.

You see, this has happened to me MANY times.

I realize that I have way too many tabs open in Safari, so I go about doing some tab maintenance. I close a bunch.

All of a sudden – oops – closed one I didn’t mean to.

Ever done that? Yeah it sucks.

As soon your mouse has clicked on the little x, or your keys have hit command + W (shortcut to close tabs – bonus tip!) – you realize you needed that tab.

Until now, unless you now this tip, you just sulked about and maybe tried to dig around to find out what that last tab was exactly. Well, Safari has a really cool feature. I call it Undo for Tabs.

What do they call it? I really don’t know.

All I know is that when I do that (multiple times a day), I just hit Command + Z and the last closed tab reopens.


  • November 17, 2020

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