Stupid Simple Security Tip # 9 – The Importance of Cybersecurity

Stupid Simple Security Tip # 9 – The Importance of Cybersecurity

By Tom Lambotte | February 11, 2021

Staying abreast of cyber security is daunting to any tech laymen, it’s not nearly as natural as locking a door…but every bit as important.

None of us would go to bed with our homes left unsecured – they hold our most private and precious possessions. Meanwhile, computers are practically virtual dwellings (I spend more time on my Mac than my mattress), similarly filled with 97% of your law firm’s information (those few unscanned files and legal pads)…so why have one in four law firm’s experienced a data breach?

*Source 2020 ABA Legal Tech Report

Even worse, the Internet’s mixed blessing of universal connectivity means that no matter where you live in the real world, online, you always reside in the worst part of town, with invisible thieves living next door.

And that means your computer, loaded with your clients’ data – is a potential risk to yourself to of damage to your reputation, business loss, and possible legal liability.

Practicing law means demonstrating an ethical commitment to client confidentiality, and you would never knowingly betray that trust…but a simple lapse in cyber security could undermine all best intentions.

Frightened yet?

I am – and I’m the expert! Fortunately, cyber security – just like home security – can be beefed-up with the right security layers put into place.

Start with the basics (review my other tips), take the time to research some simple strategies and protocols, then perhaps enlist a professional to review your measures and provide the additional tools to monitor your infrastructure or make some additional suggestions.

Cyber security is supremely important, but you don’t need to live scared or be an expert…just be attentive, as any good homeowner would.

Remember: good fences make good neighbors, whether around your lawn or your laptop. Interested in learning more about the layers of security we provide to our clients?  Send me an email with “Security” in the subject  and I’ll share my secrets.

  • February 11, 2021

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