Stupid Simple Security Tip # 8 – Implement Identity Theft Prevention Tactics

Stupid Simple Security Tip # 8 – Implement Identity Theft Prevention Tactics

By Tom Lambotte | January 28, 2021

So many of us don’t consider security until it’s too late.

Whether in business or personal life, identity theft is a unique nightmare worth doing your best to avoid.

A few bad things that bad people can do with your ID information:

  • Apply for credit cards or loans in your name.
  • Withdraw funds from your bank account.
  • Obtain medical care using your health insurance.
  • Steal your tax refund using your social security number.
  • Sell your information to other criminals.
  • Conduct fraud by creating fake social media profiles with your name and photo.
  • Blackmail you in case they have sensitive information that could damage your public reputation.

These are the most common reasons why identity theft happens:

  • Entering information on phishing websites that mimic the real thing (like a fake Facebook website)
  • Not using up-to-date security software
  • Buying products from shady websites
  • Using public WiFi
  • Not secure the router
  • Using weak login credentials
  • Using the same login credentials in many places
  • Having weak privacy settings on social media

If you can avoid making these mistakes, it will be much harder for criminals to get a hold of your identity and run havoc on your business. This week’s post is more just a what not to do.

See that list up above. Don’t do it. Lesson over.  😁

  • January 28, 2021

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