Stupid Simple Security Tip #22 – Another Pandemic

Stupid Simple Security Tip #22 – Another Pandemic

By Tom Lambotte | May 27, 2021

Just as vaccines bring COVID under control, the world is on the cusp of another pandemic: ransomware.

That’s not hyperbole, but congressional testimony from the director of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security. His assessment is backed by the numbers (ransomware attacks jumped 715% in 2020) and by the news cycle, where a high-profile attack recently shut down a major east coast pipeline.

Ransomware is a catchy name for tools that enable digital blackmail; hackers stealing data and/or locking out access, then demanding payment to restore systems and secrets.

Experts attribute the rise in attacks to increased remote working and phishing opportunities driven by quarantine conditions. These vulnerabilities have been exploited by dark web entities, and their actions are only expected to grow more sophisticated, frequent, and aggressive.

Law firm security has become a particularly lucrative target, as attorneys hold so much sensitive data…so what can you do to protect yourself?

Many of the steps will sound familiar but are more crucial than ever in light of growing risks: keep all software patched and updated, use unique passwords and secure connections, backup all data offsite, and regularly scan for infections.

Better yet — instead of personally tending to several precautions whenever reminded by horrible events, take the single step of enlisting professionals who stand ready 24/7.

Security+ is a flat-fee, turnkey solution that includes all measures mentioned above, along with proactive system monitoring, staff training in best practices, regular phishing simulations that test preparedness, and a cybersecurity insurance policy to reimburse fiscal damage.

There are enough worrying headlines in the world; let this one be our problem…consider us a proven, painless vaccine against the next looming threat.

If you have worries about — or experience with — ransomware, shoot me a message, I’d love to share stories and lessons. 

  • May 27, 2021

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