Stupid Simple Mac Tips #83 – Grammar On-the-Go

Stupid Simple Mac Tips #83 – Grammar On-the-Go

By Tom Lambotte | June 15, 2021

Now that you’re hooked on Grammarly and the feeling of writing like a pro,
what will you do without it while crafting messages on the go?

No worries.

Grammarly has you covered with an iOS app and keyboard combo that will keep your writing sharp and your spelling tight across SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp, social media, or anywhere you enter text on your iPhone/iPad.

Download the “Grammarly Keyboard” from the app store, log in with your Grammarly account (which will sync your preferences and custom dictionaries), and enable the keyboard. It’s now the default for entering text in any other application. If the Grammarly “G” doesn’t appear at the top left of your keyboard, press the globe icon at the bottom left of your keyboard to switch between keyboards and select it there.

Now you’ll have synonyms, spelling corrections, and grammatical pointers in real-time, just like on your computer (all expandable with a click for greater detail). Even Grammarly’s next-level tone/voice analysis is available; a long press of the “G” logo will call up those richer options.

You can also open the app to access the “My Grammarly” workspace as a scratchpad for drafting and proofing longer messages before posting them on another platform (without fear of accidentally sending too early).

There you have it: a tool that saves time and standardizes your writing while correcting spelling, grammar, and style no matter where you’re working (unless you’re really retro and still use paper). Thanks, Grammarly.

Next, I need a program that improves OTHER people’s writing (and explains their text abbreviations) to make my inbox more readable and social media decipherable. 

As I search for that Holy Grail, we’re going to take a break from third-party apps and shift back to one-off Stupid Simple Mac Tips that you can implement immediately to improve your workflow and life.

Next week: organizing files and reclaiming your home screen with Apple’s Stacks.


  • June 15, 2021

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