Stupid Simple Mac Tips #77 – Meeter Maid

Stupid Simple Mac Tips #77 – Meeter Maid

By Tom Lambotte | May 3, 2021

It seems there’s no turning back from Zoomified workdays packed full of video conferences, but there are ways to move forward in this brave new world with far better user experiences.

Several third-party developers have supplied integrated add-ons that address unforeseen issues rising from quick tech adaptation — like overstuffed calendars suddenly brimming with video invites and links.

One of my favorite tools to cut through the mess is Meeter; a free, lightweight Mac app that connects to your calendar and organizes all of your Zoom calls (time, topic, link/ID) under one menu bar icon from which you can quickly connect with a click.

Before installing Meeter, I was constantly scrambling just before meetings to find the correct Zoom URL – jumping from Outlook to my calendar to the original message and then having to dig through the notes.

Meeter takes care of all that: extracting info from invites, organizing it all, setting automated desktop reminders, and dialing in with a single step (not only on Zoom but over 30 supported platforms).

As a bonus, the drop-down bar also features “speed-dial” slots so you can instantly connect with colleagues and clients with whom you regularly chat.

The way Meeter manages and streamlines the Zoom log-in process keeps my day on track, reduces anxiety, and provides a much-needed pre-meeting moment of Zen to take a deep breath, focus on the subject at hand…and check for food in my teeth.

If your calendar is utterly cluttered with Zoom links buried beneath virtual rubbish, I suggest you tidy your schedule by letting Meeter be your digital maid.

  • May 3, 2021

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