Stupid Simple Mac Tips #60 Back to Basics

Stupid Simple Mac Tips #60 Back to Basics

By Tom Lambotte | December 15, 2020

How often do you type your business name and phone number in an email? 🤔

I use these multiples times per day:

  1. gmc and >> GlobalMac IT expands immediately
  2. for my name: ttl >> Tom Lambotte
  3. and my business phone number expands when I type 4409 >> 440-941-1622

Do you have these three snippets created?

Ok, let’s set them up:

  1. Open TextExpander
  2. Click on + in the top left corner to create a new snippet
  3. Enter your name in the CONTENT and LABEL fields
  4. Enter your chose abbreviation.
  5. Done

Repeat twice more with your business name and business phone number.

Worried you won’t remember them? Two tips:

  1. Choose a simple format to your snippet abbreviation, pick what makes sense to you and make it easy to type.

The goal here is NOT to remember the abbreviation to every snippet. It is to remember the few you use ALL the time.

  • You can use the tip from last week until you do: Just press Command AND /
  • This brings up your search box and type a few letters to choose the snippet you want to expand.

Extra credit:

For you over-achievers who want to really max out the ROI on these few minutes we are spending together today:

Take the next easy step and add snippets for your whole team! I can’t tell you how helpful this is.

For example, have you ever auto-completed the wrong email address?

Who hasn’t, right?

Here’s my fix:

I have a snippet for each team members’ email address, using the format:

“first initial” + “@” + “g”           ex: c@g >> [email protected]

Note that this is the email address for Christine Rivett, my (amazing) Executive Assistant, not Christine Lambotte, my (also amazing) wife. They are NOT the same humans and if I did not have that TextExpander snippet, I would get emails mixed up all the time!

  1. Create a group called Contact Info
  2. Add an entry for each team member’s email address

Bonus: If you are using TextExpander for Teams product you can share this group of snippets to your team to free up even more time.

Ready for more TextExpander tips? Keep reading our series to learn more!

  • December 15, 2020

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