Stupid Simple Mac Tips #47 – Trackpad Ninja Part 2 of 4: I can see clearly now

Stupid Simple Mac Tips #47 – Trackpad Ninja Part 2 of 4: I can see clearly now

By Tom Lambotte | September 15, 2020

You’re back! That must mean you want to learn more about the Magic Trackpad 2.

Don’t ignore this tip if you don’t use the Magic Trackpad; it works on the MacBook’s trackpad too!

If you work on an iMac or Mini, you might end up buying one of these magic little devices by the time we’re done.

I have so many tips. I’m not sure where to start.

Like I said in the last SSMT, my challenge is to filter, to edit, to keep it simple.

So I asked myself if there was only ONE trick I taught on the Magic Trackpad, what would it be?

Tough challenge, couldn’t do it.

I narrowed it down to 3.

Here’s the first of these, I’ll call it: I can see clearly now

Do you still minimize windows one by one by clicking on the little yellow button in the top left corner of a window?


Or perhaps you’re a window dragger: you drag and move windows around one by one until you can see the window you need?

Screen Recording 2020-09-10 at 09.39.30 AM.gif


If you’re not using this little trackpad trick yet, you’ll be glad you read this Stupid Simple Mac Tip.

Swipe-up with three fingers, and you’ll see ALL your windows at once, what Apple calls Mission Control.


Then click on the window you want and voila!

Your colleagues will think you’re a tech guru when they see your moves!

But there’s more.

A problem and a cure.

Problem: If you have lots of windows and applications open, like many lawyers I know often do, the quantity of windows can be too many – they end up being too small to see and choose between.

Cure: The inverse of my tip is to swipe DOWN with 3 fingers.

Doing this is called App Exposé and it shows you all the windows in your current application.


Have a number of PDF documents you are going between in Preview or Adobe Acrobat?

Swipe down to see them all at once.

Ever have 7 Word documents you are going back and forth on?

Swipe down and you’ll see them, click where you want to go and presto!

Can I weave in any more cheesy magical terms? Perhaps.

Let’s make sure you know how to turn these features on:


What I really care about is that you turn these features on and remember:

Swipe with 3 fingers

Up for all windows

Down for App windows

Using this takes milliseconds to move around windows.

Poof, I’m out!

  • September 15, 2020

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