Stupid Simple Mac Tips #45 – Shining a Spotlight on Quick Math

Stupid Simple Mac Tips #45 – Shining a Spotlight on Quick Math

By Tom Lambotte | September 1, 2020

During your day, you might find yourself having to do a quick calculation or convert currency –which can sometimes slow even the best mathematicians down.

Enter Spotlight, one of the most versatile tools on your Mac.

How Does Spotlight Become a Calculator?

Open Spotlight by clicking the magnifying glass icon at the top right of the menu bar. Or, if you prefer to use keyboard shortcuts,tap Command + Spacebar on your keyboard.

Enter your calculation into the search bar:maybe it is 32+4-32*(26+1)

Spotlight will evaluate the expression super quick with the correct order of operations, giving an answer of -828 in less than a second. And if it can do that in a split second, just imagine 89*3.

Easy peasy.

You can do any mathematical expressions with the / (division), + (add), –(subtract), and * (multiply) keys on your keyboard.

Bonus tip: Converting currency

Follow the same steps, but in this case, type the numbers with their adhering currency symbols.

For instance, type $100 or £100. The conversion rates in different currencies–with data drawn from Yahoo–will instantaneously populate in the search results.

That is a simple tip—but it is far from stupid.

  • September 1, 2020

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