Stupid Simple Mac Tips #44: Ergo What? Not Ending Up Like a Stiff Board at the End of the Day

Stupid Simple Mac Tips #44: Ergo What? Not Ending Up Like a Stiff Board at the End of the Day

By Tom Lambotte | August 25, 2020

Backaches, headaches, and eye-aches all seem inevitable when you work on your MacBook all day.

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I have worked with Macs over the past two decades. Along the way, I learned how to maximize my ergonomics for different working styles. 

Not only are the right tools important – but also the right position!

First and foremost, extend your fingers while sticking your arm forward, straight out. This will center your arm in the middle of your face.  In this position, your fingertips should barely be touching the middle of your screen.

From here, your primary focus should be avoiding hunching, along with the accompanying eye strain, back pain, and low energy.

Would you like to eliminate those sore backs, burning eyes, and the feeling of just wanting to lay on the couch at the end of the day?  Follow these recommendations for relief:

  1. If you’re a mobile worker, purchase a laptop stand. This way, your monitor will be positioned at the correct height. I use a super lightweight (5.5oz), collapsible, and adjustable desk called the Roost. And I 100% vouch for its quality and how awesome it is for working on the go.
  1. As someone predominantly working in the same space, a large monitor will make working in front of your Mac a much more pleasurable experience. Don’t forget to use the trick mentioned above to position your monitor for premium viewing.

    One more word to the wise—ensure you have an external keyboard and mouse/trackpad. The Apple Magic Keyboard and the Magic Trackpad both do the trick for Mac purists. Combined with the Roost, these tools give you a robust on-the-go-ergonomic solution!
  1. Now that you have the right tools, don’t forget to pay attention to the position of your body while working!  Be sure the desk and chair (or if you are standing) – are positioned so that your arms are at a 90-degree angle when typing.  Your back should be straight, keeping your hips far back in the chair and feet flat on the floor, not hanging like a couple of ropes!   You are in front of your computer for long hours – don’t skimp on the quality of your chair, it supports you all day.

Now that you have chosen the right tools for your day at work, remember, working in the same position all day, will make anyone stiff as a board by the time you close up your screen. 

Be sure to change your position frequently, get up and walk around, stretch out your fingers (stress balls are great for this), even work at a different location for a few hours (that patio looks pretty inviting!). By following my advice, you will no longer look at your workspace with dread every morning.

  • August 25, 2020

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