Stupid Simple Mac Tips #40: Picture in Picture Anywhere on the Screen

Stupid Simple Mac Tips #40: Picture in Picture Anywhere on the Screen

By Tom Lambotte | July 28, 2020

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The ability to have Picture-in-Picture can mix some recreation with your work, providing a nice change of pace during a busy day.

It can also allow you to catch up on your favorite YouTube channel while sorting through your inbox.

Play or Pause that Video!

You can start Picture-in-Picture by opening a video with any supporting app (e.g., Safari or iTunes).

Note the Safari supports this function via HTML5 coded webpages for video playback (e.g., YouTube).

From here, in the video’s playback controls, click the Picture-in-Picture button:

Playback Controls

Unable to see the button?

Then, hold down the Control key before right-clicking inside the video. This action opens a shortcut menu where you can select “Enter Picture-in-Picture,” provided it is an option.

Stopping Picture-in-Picture requires you to click the close button (x), or by clicking the Picture-in-Picture button a second time.

If all else fails, you can close the original browser tab or window playing the video.

One more tip: Change the location or size of the Picture in Picture window

Move the window from corner-to-corner by dragging it around.

Adjust the size of the PIP video by dragging the edge of the corner of the window, similar to changing the size of any image.

And just like that, you can enjoy a little entertainment while you barrel through your work. (Just keep it productive, please)

  • July 28, 2020

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