Stupid Simple Mac Tips for Lawyers #24 – Learn these Tricks of the ‘Menu Bar’ Trade

Stupid Simple Mac Tips for Lawyers #24 – Learn these Tricks of the ‘Menu Bar’ Trade

By Tom Lambotte | April 6, 2020

A crowded desktop display is a lot like solving a complex murder mystery. What you seek does exist somewhere, but it’s shrouded amongst irrelevant facts and misdirection.

Well, you are not Sherlock Holmes, and you do not have time to solve the mystery of where a vital client document is on your desktop.

Fortunately, in this Stupid Simple Mac Tips, we will be showing you a simple, efficient way to declutter your laptop by automatically hiding and showing your menu bar.

A simple step-by-step process

Your menu (or dock bar) will be visible at the bottom of your MacBook’s display.

By navigating to ‘System Preferences,’ it is possible to automatically hide the menu. Then, it will only appear when you place your cursor over the bottom of your laptop’s display.

The process of doing this is straightforward. It’s merely a matter of someone telling you, and then you’re good to go from that point forward.

Here’s how to do it:

  • First, go to the main toolbar menu and click the Apple icon Then, select ‘System Preferences’ 
  • From there, click the “Dock” icon 
  • Lastly, choose the ‘Automatically hide and show the Dock’ option

Not only does this declutter what is displayed on your desktop, but you do not have to waste time clicking back and forth to access the menu.

  • April 6, 2020

About the Author

Tom Lambotte is a legal technology expert, author and the CEO of GlobalMac IT. He helps Mac-using lawyers with super simple technology, security and efficiency strategies that work. He’s on a mission to help attorneys using Apple computers reduce their security risk and get more out of their technology. Get his free 33 Stupid Simple Mac Tips and score some quick wins to boost your productivity.