SSMT #96 –Grammarly –Now Even Better!

SSMT #96 –Grammarly –Now Even Better!

By Tom Lambotte | March 22, 2022

I’ve written at length about one of my favorite productivity apps, Grammarly, which was a browser-wide spelling and grammar check tool until recently.

I move quickly, and up until Grammarly, I used to send a tremendous number of typos in my emails.

One of the biggest features that was always missing, that I always dreamed of, was the ability to support additional applications.

Up until a few months ago, Grammarly worked within your web browser and included a Microsoft Word add-on for the Mac.

But the Mac did not have support for Outlook until a few months ago. Grammarly rolled out a significant update to the application. Not only does it give you access to Grammarly within Microsoft Outlook, but it works throughout all the native Mac applications.

Now Grammarly works in Outlook and Slack, TextEdit, and most other Mac applications.

Here I’m going to show you a quick demonstration of how it works.

I make a lot of typos (I made a few extra ones just for the demo <img draggable=)

There are two ways you can work through the errors.

Correct them one by one as you move through the document or click on the little smiley face, and he walks you through the issues.

Eight mistakes were highlighted, and I can go right through, and Grammarly provides guidance to correct every one of them. 💥 

Grammarly can add sentences; it could fix typos, grammar, sentence structure, and all kinds of different things. 💥 All eight issues cleared, and I’m done.

If you have not downloaded and taken advantage of Grammarly, now is the time to get it.

It was good before, but now it is even better because it works throughout Mac OS, all the applications.

Note: There is one app it does not work with, but I don’t think it is often used, and that is Box Notes, which is an application provided by Box. For some reason, Grammarly doesn’t work in that specific application, but every other application on the Mac that I’ve wanted to use now works, which is a huge timesaver.

  • March 22, 2022

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