SSMT #74 – Krisp: Serenity Now!

SSMT #74 – Krisp: Serenity Now!

By Tom Lambotte | April 13, 2021

A year of working remotely has not only turned us against the oppressive reign of belts-and-bras but turned us all into ad hoc broadcasters jumping from one virtual meeting to another.

When Zoom calls soared from 10M daily participants to 300M early last year, we were suddenly all on-camera: striving to save our livelihoods while streaming video via substandard equipment in noisy environments.

How can one possibly sound professional with a cheap microphone, echoing connection, and two toddlers chasing a dog barking nearby because of the Amazon delivery driver? Allow me to present a Festivus miracle: Krisp.

Krisp is AI-powered noise-canceling tech that integrates with any audio app (Zoom, Teams, Slack, and 800 more) to remove background noise so you won’t be THAT embarrassing guy/gal on the call…and can safely laugh at whoever is! 😂

Once installed, Krisp adds a new microphone button to your other apps – just click it at the start of a call, and your kids/pets will disappear (from the audio feed, not your home; you’ll need another service for that).

In addition to removing distracting noise, Krisp recently added HD voice enhancement (which compensates for crappy mics) and echo cancellation (saving you from lousy room acoustics or feedback from unmuted connections) …and all modifications occur locally on your machine, eliminating privacy concerns.

Honestly, it’s impressive how well Krisp works – not only from your home office but anywhere you dial in. With pandemic restrictions easing, you’ll once again be able to work from coffee shops and other public venues (you remember what those are, right?) and still sound like you’re in a studio.

Better quality AND more freedom? Sign me up!

Well, I’m already signed up, but you should join me.

You’ll still need to lock your door if you want to keep wandering kids off-camera, but so long as you’ve clicked the Krisp microphone, your children will only be seen, not heard.

Next time I’ll share how Krisp can also improve your listening experience. Stay tuned!

  • April 13, 2021

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