Stupid Simple Mac Tips #69 – Is Your In-Box Driving You Nuts?

Stupid Simple Mac Tips #69 – Is Your In-Box Driving You Nuts?

By Tom Lambotte | March 9, 2021

Most all professionals – but especially attorneys – are tethered to the tides of their inbox; it’s the nexus of all critical communication from clients, colleagues, and counsel.

Yet it’s also the digital trash heap upon which endless distractions are dumped.

Spam filters keep our eyes safe from the worst sent our way – but imagine if that same concept could sort ALL of your mail into a handful of categories based on importance and personal priorities – automagically.

Now stop imagining and grab a trial subscription to SaneBox – the next application I’m going to highlight with a series of three simple tips.

I’ve been using SaneBox since September 2017 and find it both aptly named* and indispensable for de-cluttering my email, keeping me focused on time-sensitive tasks, and getting back a bunch of my life.

(*Note: this product will undoubtedly improve your mental health, but absolute sanity cannot be guaranteed).

What is SaneBox

SaneBox is a web-based service that works with any email client to determine which messages you need to see now, which ones you can see later, and which need never be seen at all.

The filters may be rooted in algorithms, AI, and learned behavior – but honestly, to me seem like magic.

Based on analysis of your past behavior, mass-mailing indicators, CC status, and several other factors, the app sorts your incoming mail into different folders and sends you reports on each category daily.

Put more simply: it keeps the important, timely and relevant emails in your inbox, and all others are filtered into other folder(s). 

All routines are trainable and customizable, but the app does a great job right out-of-the-box: newsletters, announcements, emails to be filed – all manner of limited value messages are automatically diverted from interrupting your workflow.

Who is if for?

Anybody who has an email account and time that they value, but lacks a personal assistant to sift through every incoming message.

Actually, if you do have that assistant – sign up for their sake. You can’t put a price on efficiency or sanity…and if you could it’d be much more than a few bucks a month.

How do I get started?

SaneBox offers a free 14-day trial, which is a great way to evaluate its intuitive nature and get a taste for how it’ll improve your life.

After that, they offer adorably-named and affordably-priced Snack/Lunch/Dinner packages. I have the lunch package – two email accounts for $89/year. One for my work and one for my personal account.

So give it a try then meet me back here for the first detailed tip, where we will venture into the SaneBlackHole!

  • March 9, 2021

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Tom Lambotte is a legal technology expert, author and the CEO of GlobalMac IT. He helps Mac-using lawyers with super simple technology, security and efficiency strategies that work. He’s on a mission to help attorneys using Apple computers reduce their security risk and get more out of their technology. Get his free 33 Stupid Simple Mac Tips and score some quick wins to boost your productivity.

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