Stupid Simple Mac Tips #65 – Cloudapp – An Easy App that Transforms How You Communicate!

Stupid Simple Mac Tips #65 – Cloudapp – An Easy App that Transforms How You Communicate!

By Tom Lambotte | January 26, 2021

Consider this:
• 7 percent of a message was derived from the words
• 38 percent from the intonation
• 55 percent from the facial expression or body language

The vast majority of communication is not carried by our words alone.

Yet the majority of your communication in a given day happens with email or text – whether that’s via a text message, chat app like Slack or Microsoft Teams, Facebook, Twitter, etc. All of these are messages that only deliver words, losing both intonation AND facial expression and body language.

Enter CloudApp.

CloudApp is an instant video and image sharing application that is super easy to use and integrate into your daily workflow.

It captures and embeds video, GIFs, webcam recordings, screenshots and marked up images, allowing for easy integration into your documents, or to improve the content of your messages you send to colleagues or those in your firm.

In this world of working from home and virtual meetings, CloudApp improves team collaboration by using visual communication to improve the impact and clarity of your communications.

It provides the ability to share ideas and instructions between team members without having to be in the same space, especially when time does not allow for a virtual online meeting.

Is your team currently using CloudApp? Yes, great, then stick around because this month I will share my top personal tricks and hacks to using CloudApp free up a TON of time. These strategies will make every reader who tries it instantly more efficient.

And surely we all want more of that.

If you are not yet using CloudApp, your task for this week is to download it and run through the easy set up.

Feel free to start with the free version, that is what I did, but it didn’t take me long to realize the benefits and purchase a license for every person on my team. At just $8.00 a month, it pays for itself in one day!

Remember, step #1: Download the app and poke around!

Step #2: Return next week for the first of my three tips that will help you get the biggest bang for your buck!

Three Tip Ideas:
1. Capture and Edit

2. Recording Video messages on webcam

3. Ways to Share – in images in documents, email videos, GIFs, sharing directions

  • January 26, 2021

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