Podcast guest appearance on High-Performance Legal Entrepreneur

Podcast guest appearance on High-Performance Legal Entrepreneur

By Tom Lambotte | December 1, 2021

I was a recent guest on Adam Arkfeld’s podcast, High-Performance Legal Entrepreneur, about…wait for it…high-performance legal entrepreneurs.

Adam runs Prevail Legal Marketing who has a unique, branded pay-per-lead model that has created a much-needed antidote to the toxic environment often found when dealing with PPC companies taking advantage of firms. I dig his approach.

The podcast assists attorneys wanting to do more with their life and career. Each week, Adam introduces an exceptional worker, legal professional, or a technique to help lawyers see and follow the path toward personal significance in their business and life.

It gives a deeper glimpse into my why behind BobaGuard and who it was designed for. The truth is, most solo and small firms these days can handle the tech part but struggle with adequately protecting their livelihood with proper cybersecurity measures.

We discussed a wide range of cybersecurity topics specifically for solo and small firms, items like:

  • – What do small firms really need?
  • – What is too much vs. not enough?
  • – What is necessary to help you meet your obligations while safeguarding your client’s information and keeping it affordable at the same time?
  • – What risks are solo and small law firms vulnerable to?
  • – Are they the same as larger firms?
  • – Do cybercriminals really target the solo and small firm?
  • – And lots more ☺

Adam asked me about the cybercriminal process and how they organize themselves.

I also shared my Security Framework-the four things missing in your law firm that make you an easy target for cybercriminals:

  • Lack of Awareness
  • Lack of Time
  • Lack of Clarity
  • Failure of Implementation

Have I piqued your interest yet? Good.

This was a really fun interview and cool to get to share this message in the form of a podcast. Give it a listen in your podcast app of choice and let me know what you think. I hope this helps spur some great ideas you can use to strengthen cybersecurity protection in your practice.

  • December 1, 2021

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Tom Lambotte is a legal technology expert, author and the CEO of GlobalMac IT. He helps Mac-using lawyers with super simple technology, security and efficiency strategies that work. He’s on a mission to help attorneys using Apple computers reduce their security risk and get more out of their technology. Get his free 33 Stupid Simple Mac Tips and score some quick wins to boost your productivity.