How to Start
a Mac Law Firm Course

Take the fast track to learn everything you need to know to get your firm's technology running smoothly and securely on Apple computers with minimal headacheS.

Let me ask you a few questions...


Have you ever searched for a trusted source that knew everything needed to set up your law firm on Macs?


Have you ever felt uncertain about how to approach setting up your systems?


Do you know, with utmost confidence, what the best Apple-based tools are you need to succeed?

Well, I have some good news and some bad news

Good News

You are not Alone

Based on data from a number of surveys in the legal industry, approximately 9% of all attorneys in private practice use Macs. That number goes up to 14% for solo attorneys. There are approximately 67,000 Mac-using solo attorneys and 21,000 law firms with 2 attorneys or more using Macs. You are NOT alone!

Bad News

Expert guidance for
using Macs in a law firm
is hard to find.

Because the niche of Mac-using attorneys is so small, you'll have a difficult time finding IT consultants that specialize in Macs AND understand the needs of a law firm. Attorneys who don't find us typically resort to hiring a Windows IT expert who knows a bit about law firms, or a Mac expert who knows nothing about their legal-specific needs. There IS another option.

My name is Tom Lambotte, Founder and CEO of GlobalMac IT.

As a 13 year member of the Apple Consultants Network, my company, GlobalMac IT, has been supporting attorneys with Apple technology since 2006. We began helping solos and grew to supporting law firms with 10-50 users. All new clients since 2014 have been attorneys and small law firms. While growing GlobalMac IT. I have been an active voice in the legal industry. My third book on the topic of legal technology was published by the American Bar Association and I have presented to thousands of Mac-using attorneys through the years via CLE trainings and through becoming a highly sought after speaker at events like ABA Techshow and Mac Track Legal. I have had numerous papers published on the most respected legal news sites and been interviewed in over a dozen legal podcast for my expertise on the topic of using Macs in law firms. You could say I, along with my team, know a thing or two about using Macs in law firms.

In fact, through the many years of building our company, we have created over 1,000 Standard Operating Procedures and best practices to help provide the best possible experience to our clients - Mac-based law firms with 1-50 people. In addition, we also invested over $100,000 into the best practices, highest-level coaching and knowledge methodologies to continually improve our strength as a company and in the service we deliver to our clients.

Up until the end of 2018, all of this information was only available to clients of our high-end Managed Services program. In fact, that was our only program and had a starting investment of $30,000 per year for up to 10 users. TotalCare, our managed service, was created to be the 5-Star, white-glove experience. The obvious problem is that this product was NOT for solos, or any small firm that lacked the access to that kind of budget for that matter.

Over the years, in order to focus and refine that service, I met with and turned away hundreds of solo and small firm attorneys. All of our knowledge, best practices and solutions were behind a $30,000 paywall.

I made an effort to share from the vault through articles, blog posts and podcast interviews, but that never even scratched the surface. I wanted to help more people. I had complete confidence in our TotalCare service, but also knew there were thousands of Mac-using attorneys like you who were:

  • Doing their best figuring it out on their own
  • Working with Apple Consultants who were unfamiliar with and unable to bring legal technology solutions and recommendations
  • Working with Windows-people who tried to shove their Sharepoint solutions and Windows servers hosting Exchange down their throats

I realized there was a lot of silent suffering. A suffering where you WISH you could save the time, the headaches, the trial-and-error approach, and hoping for the best. Most resort to general Mac tips and blogs or absorbs some outdated legal tech and Mac beliefs from the Mac non-believers or from the old-school mindset Mac users.

I wanted to help. Which is exactly why I created this How to Start a Mac Law Firm course.

"Okay, sounds great, Tom.
So, what is covered in the course?"

I'm glad you asked! The course consists of 6 video modules, covering:

Hardware Needs

  • Mac selection
  • Accessories
  • Printers/Scanners

Network Hardware

  • Router
  • Switches
  • Access points
  • VOIP
  • Self-healing device

Mac Software

  • Chat
  • PDF editing
  • File storage
  • Password management
  • Web conferencing

Legal Software

  • Case management
  • Intake
  • Billing/time tracking
  • Contract signing
  • Transcription

Network Software

  • Monitoring / Security patching
  • Mobile device management
  • Dark web ID monitoring
  • VOIP
  • Self-healing device

Essential Business Tools

  • Website Resources
  • Fin/Admin Resources
  • HR/Payroll

This course is a play-by-play guide with all you need to set up your law firm on Apple computers.

You'll receive:

  • 6 video sessions to get your law firm up and running with proven, best-in-class solutions
  • Lifetime access to the blueprint for you and your staff
  • Recordings of all the sessions in video, audio, and PDF format
  • A Workbook and Action Guide for each session
  • Two 30 minute 1-on-1 Coaching Calls with me, Tom Lambotte ($297 value)

Ready for access to the best Cliff Notes
guide on using Macs in your law firm?

Here's what attorneys have
learned during this course:

"The course told me what exactly what kind of device or program to purchase for each need, along with recommendations of the best choices in order to minimize tech issues. Two obvious benefits are that I received were:

a. valuable knowledge from people who had already done the research and tried the programs, and therefore I saved money in both not wasting my time on tech needs and not purchasing the wrongs things.
b. I received reassurance that my decision to start my firm with a Mac was the right thing to do. Especially since everything I had ever done with law before was all pc based."

- Debra A. Spatz 

Attorney at Law, LLC

Debra Spatz

"We were extremely pleased with the Start a Mac Law Firm Course and believe that the course provided tremendous value for the price.

The program was very helpful because it provided recommendations for necessary equipment and software and we were also able to obtain step-by-step instructions to safely setup our network. Initially, we were uncertain if we would get enough value out of the course to justify the cost. By the end, we concluded that the program more than paid for itself.
We thought that GlobalMac IT was terrific to deal with, very accommodating, and extremely helpful. We would not hesitate to reach out to GlobalMac IT in the future if we have any questions or need assistance."

- Jason Berkowitz 

BT Law Group

Jason Berkowitz

"I tried doing research on my own, and found it impossible to figure out what programs would integrate well with both my Mac as well as with other programs I use. During the course, we were introduced to all the “best practices.” Any questions we had were well-researched and timely answered. The format was excellent.

I was uncertain about how to approach setting up our systems. But, I am now confident that I have all the tools I need to succeed. I am also certain that if I have any questions, GlobalMacIT will be responsive."

- Beth-Ann Roth 

R|K Invest Law, PBC & ESG Legal Services


Is this going to be a boring, geeked-out, nerdy course taught by some engineer-type IT guy?

Nope! I've been a trainer for many years and one of my biggest strengths is simplifying the complex topics for law firm owners like you.

But don't just take my word for it. Here are what some clients that went through the course have to say:

"Tom has the talent to answer questions at any level. There wasn't any aspect he was unwilling to delve into - if we had a question, it was legitimate. He is also extremely patient. The content was complete, which is what one would hope. But when the students are other than techies, it's the delivery that counts. That's what made me so happy - that the content was delivered in a way that was extremely helpful, plus in a format that remains a useful tool for future use."

"I think Tom and his team have done an awesome job creating their business. Their passion for the industry shows. And not only was the course extremely informative, but it was also fun!"

Sounds expensive - is it worth it?

You are paying pennies on the dollar. Simply put, there is no one else on the planet that has as much direct experience supporting Mac using attorneys. We asked our members if they thought the course was worth it. Here's what they said:

"Start here rather than doing what we did, which was to have unsuccessful starts and changed plans until we found the right answer, which was GlobalMacIT. No need to look any further."

"It's sooooooo worth it!"

"We found the course to be worth the money."

Is there a guarantee?

There are many gurus pushing magic technology systems that seem too good to be true. I’ve worked very hard to make sure your time will NOT be wasted, and that you see real value. To that end, I make the following guarantee:

Enroll and use the "How to start a Mac Law Firm" course for a full year (365 days). Put it to the test and then YOU decide whether this program delivered value.

If you don’t feel it has, simply email the office and tell us, “This isn’t working for me,” and we’ll refund 100% of your money. All we ask is that you let us know within the 365-day (1-year) period.

No law firm can thrive, be stable and have the funds to invest in properly serving clients without the ability to have secure and efficient technology in place. This course will help you build a law firm with a solid technology foundation with all the key pieces in place.

Don't lose valuable time, money, and
clients trying to figure it out yourself.
Start your Mac-based law firm
the proven way!