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What Is MacTrack Legal Conference Non-Tech Session Like? Come Check Out: How To Grow Your Practice by Writing a Book

Webinar Details:

When: August 24, 2017 1:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Topics: How To Grow Your Practice by Writing a Book

Who Should Attend:

People who want to grow their practice by writing a book. No, but seriously - this is a great session that was heralded by last year's conference attendees as one of the best they've ever seen (not just at a MacTrack conference, but ever). Victor J. Medina, the founder of MacTrack Legal, has written two books that have helped catapult his business into seven figures and is sharing how he wrote those books (as well as ways you can get a book out on your own) for free. The hope is that (a) you'll love the session and you'll go write a book to help grow your practice, and (b) you'll love the session so much, you'll decide to attend MacTrack Legal this year on October 19-21, 2017 in Orlando, FL at the Disney resorts.

During this LIVE webinar Victor will discuss:

  • Where do you get your source material?
  • How to get the book done sooner than 10 years from now?
  • How to get the book published? How to get it listed on Amazon and, of course, the iBookstore
  • How to promote the book so other people will read it?

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Meet Your Presenters:

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Victor Medina

Here's What Others Have To Say About MacTrack Legal

The presence of immediately useful tips and interaction with presenters and attendees.

Kellie Morgantini Executive Director and Directing Attorney
Legal Services for Seniors

As long as I hear cutting edge informative talks I will keep coming back, year after year.

Howard Richman Member
Grant Richman PLLC

A big draw to this event is always the rejuvenating effect it has on me. I leave inspired and encouraged. I have attended three times and the benefit is primarily two fold for me: one part technology related - the information gathered that can be implemented in the form of software and hardware; the second part is what I would consider more life application/practice of law. These often focus on practical tips that can be implemented to improve your practice or make practicing more efficient or even more enjoyable (Larry Port's prior presentations come to mind). These both involve walking away with new and creative ideas for my practice. Therefore, if you can continue to provide that balance (as you have always done in the past) then I'll continue to come back.

Jeremy Worley Shareholder
Sanders Law Firm