Stupid Simple Security Tips #1 – Lock Your Screen

Stupid Simple Security Tips #1 – Lock Your Screen

By Tom Lambotte | December 3, 2020

Here’s a scene:

“I was working on my laptop in a shared workspace when nature called. I got up to use the bathroom, leaving the computer unattended. Although I was only gone for a couple of minutes, the next day, I discovered that my account was hacked. What happened?“

Don’t Make This Mistake

The mistake? They didn’t lock their screen. This scary reality is true for both laptops and mobile devices, which is why screen locking is so vital.

Why Putting Your Computer to Sleep Isn’t Enough

Keep in mind that this tactic is far different from putting the computer to sleep. If anyone could simply click a button or swipe on the trackpad to access the desktop, confidential data is in jeopardy. Screen locking means a password, or PIN to get into the device. This simple strategy can be invaluable. I like to say that the things that are easy to do are also easy not do to.

How to Lock Your Screen

Fortunately, screen locking is also stupidly simple.

On a Mac, all you have to do is click on the Apple icon and select “lock screen.” Even if you don’t have a mouse handy, pressing command + control + Q will do the same thing.

If you’ve got a Mac equipped with the TouchBar you can add a dedicated button for locking your Mac. Head to System Preferences > Keyboard, then click the “Customize Control Strip” button. Drag the Lock Screen button off the bottom of your screen and onto your Touchbar.

Now with the click on the button your Mac is locked.

Pick one and go use the bathroom in peace.

Now that you know how to keep your Mac safe when stepping away, what other security measures should you have in place?

The new solution we are developing is based on 14 years of experience in being responsible for the security needs of our legal clients throughout North America. These range from solos, to small firms with a couple layers, all the way to firms with 20 lawyers.

This suite of solutions will provide comprehensive coverage in a turn-key solution.

Most solos and small firm lawyers lack both the time and expertise to research and put together a proper security strategy that will cover you from all angles. If you’d like to find out more, send me an email and put SECURITY in the headline.

  • December 3, 2020

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Tom Lambotte is a legal technology expert, author and the CEO of GlobalMac IT. He helps Mac-using lawyers with super simple technology, security and efficiency strategies that work. He’s on a mission to help attorneys using Apple computers reduce their security risk and get more out of their technology. Get his free 33 Stupid Simple Mac Tips and score some quick wins to boost your productivity.