Legal Technology Strategy

Legal Technology


Our Proven Process™ was developed through years of supporting law firms using Apple solutions. It strategically guides your firm to maximize efficiency while reducing stability and security risks.

Let's cut the corporate-speak, techno-babble of the definition of Managed Services. Here's what we do in plain English.

Our core service, TotalCare, allows Mac-based law firms with 10-50 users to outsource technology strategy, management and support  at a flat-fee. More often than not, the person in charge of technology is grossly underqualified. This may be the founding partner (common in law firms using Apple computers), an Office Manager, or an in-house tech person. They are underqualified due to the wide array of technology needs of a law firm. It is difficult to develop the skills necessary to secure and leverage their technology.

Our TotalCare service allows you to outsource all your technology strategy,  management and support needs to us for a flat monthly fee.

A quick note on most ‘flat-fee’ pricing: There’s a problem in the Managed Service Provider world of technology around pricing. Many providers claim to be flat-fee aka ‘all-you-can-eat’ - then exclude project work, new computer setups, office moves, after hours support, etc. These are is billed hourly, so you never truly know what your IT expenses will be.

Our flat fee differs in that we do not bill for labor, period. It includes project labor. After-hours and weekend support. Implementing our Proven Process and building a custom technology strategy and vision for your practice. All included.

The Basics: Tech Support, Device Management and Monitoring, and Security.

1. Tech Support

While not extremely complicated, getting the basics delivered to everyone is harder to find than it should be. Face it, tech support - as a whole - sucks. Most people dread calling “I.T.” - they put it off until they no other option remains. They wonder “How bad will it be this time?” as they dial. The sad reality, along with never-ending issues people experience with Windows, are core reasons why law firms switch to Macs. Macs are reliable and have fewer technical issues. That being said, we support people, not just computers. Regardless of the technology, issues arise.

We have specialized in supporting law firms throughout the United States using Apple technology since 2006. We believe in a customer first experience. Not only do we know how to support Apple computers and the issues experience d by law firms - but we are also friendly and enjoyable to work with.

2. Device Management and Monitoring

To manage and monitor your computers and network, we have one of the best Systems Administrators in the nation, Tobias Morrison. The tools he has developed for our clients proactively remove daily headaches out of your technology. Automated software and security updates, muting most software update reminders, automating printer setups, adding and removing applications and a lot more.

Included with this is an extensive monitoring to keep an eye on your devices - such as storage space on computers, failing hard drives, failing memory issues, backup issues and much more. This part of the service free up time typically lost manually running updates, ignoring updates - then running into security issues or bugs as a result, and alerting us in advance when there is a problem with a computer so we can address it proactively as opposed to an attorney’s computer randomly not turning on when she shows up in court.

We also configure up and include Mobile Device Management (MDM) program and leverage the new Apple’s Business Manager (ABM) to make it easier than ever to manage all the devices - Macs, iPads, iPhones and Apple TVs. We automate device enrollment and configuration so employees can get to work as soon as they power on their device. Set restrictions and leverage builtin Apple device security to keep content and apps from being used in unmanaged destinations. Delegate admin privileges and manage content across locations. If that sounds confusing, don’t worry about it, that is the purpose of our service - to help your law firm navigate and leverage the technology available to you.

What we've covered is The Basics and we do those better than most. But it is our strategy ithat sets up apart from all other IT providers.

The Strategy: 

For over a decade we have acquired expertise by helping law firms manage their Apple technology. Most small to medium firms lack a technology strategy, and as a result, attorneys and support staff suffer (not to mention profits). Without knowing the benefits of a long-term technology strategy your staff keeps doing what they’ve always done, never realizing there’s a better way.

We feel there is a tremendous amount of dormant potential in most firms. Hundreds, if not thousands of uncaptured billable hours can be reclaimed. Through years of research, we have developed our Proven Process™ - a proven, repeatable process that takes a law firm from it's current state of technology to a singificantly improved state.

Your staff will experience reduced frustration, increased happiness with their technology (everyone wants that) and discover and implement better software solutions they never knew they were missing. Implementing our Proven Process will result in your law firm increasing profits, reducing risk from security threats, and boosting the overall efficiency of everyone on the team.

Through the process, one person on your team will be assigned as our main Point of Contact (POC) and will work with our Virtual Chief Information Officer to implement a long-term strategy for technology by working through our Proven Process.