Intro: Is Your Technology Costing You Time and Money

Intro: Is Your Technology Costing You Time and Money

By Tom Lambotte | March 26, 2020

It’s far too common for Mac-based firms not to extract the most value from their technology—costing teams hundreds of hours a year.

Really, achieving optimal efficiency and reliability, while streamlining your workflow, comes down to working smarter—not harder. 

That’s at the crux of our proven step-by-step system that will impart knowledge and give your Mac-based law firm the power to be a well-oiled machine. 

We use our 13 years of helping Mac-based law firms to offer you clear, concise, and directly actionable tips. There will not be any broad strokes or vague instructions. Through our refined processes, you will learn specific techniques and details, catered to your unique specifications, that will help you accomplish more work in less time. 

Through this course, we guarantee a tremendous increase in productivity and an equally significant decrease in downtime. Meaning you will be billing more hours,plus, heightened security measures that keep sensitive information safe.

What Problem Does GlobalMac It Solve?

As a lawyer, your mind should be primarily stuck on one thing—that being law. It is your primary discipline, and it requires much focus.

That is not to say you are not well-rounded. Sure, you could be a guitarist, ballerina, golfer, or even something of a Mac wizard on the side, like Attorney Ben Stevens, who founded

Ben’s blog amassed 20 thousand visitors at one point, and he was a pivotal advocate and pioneer in showing fellow law firms the light when it came to using Macs.

Does it not sound like he would be the perfect guy to DIY his own workplace technological systems?

Well, while Ben was a Mac enthusiast, as a dedicated lawyer, he could not possibly cover the knowledge gap required to successfully manage his firm’s technology. 

He realized he needed the services of experts who were as dedicated to helping Mac-based law firms with their tech as he was to law. 

So, Ben reached out to GlobalMac IT with the hopes that we could cover his blind spots and improveupon his firm’s Mac-based inefficiencies. 

His hopes in reaching out to us were to reduce technology-related downtime and increase security/data protection. On top of that, he needed some sure-handed guidance on how his firm could get back to the business of practicing law. 

Ben’s story once he contacted us is one of success. He realized how integral it is to follow the cues of tech professionals who understand how Macs work within the framework of the law industry.

Furthermore, he realized that he was overextending himself as a lawyer when trying to double down as the tech guy. 

The lessons Ben learned paid massive dividends at his firm, and as a result, he had this message to share with other lawyers: 

I have to let my fellow family law attorneys know of a huge mistake I made for the first two decades of my legal career. I handled most of my firm’s IT needs myself to save money. For instance, when one of our computers had a problem, I thought the best course of action was to try to solve it myself instead of having a professional do so.

All of that changed late last year when we finally realized that the best course of action was to outsource certain functions. This decision allowed us to spend more time doing what we do best—handle family law cases. We are beyond pleased with the results. They understand how to set up computer networks for law firms. And, now, I don’t have to worry about issues arising, if they do, I know the team at GlobalMac IT will be there to save the day.” 

How DIYing Your Technology Goes Wrong:

At the base level, when you run a smaller business, DIYing everything as much as possible makes sense. 

As such, when many lawyers start their own firm, they take on the responsibility of their tech, thinking it will save them money.

But, here’s the thing: law firm tech is not a home renovation or an overflowing toilet. Workplace technology is an all-encompassing pursuit with hundreds, if not thousands of different layers.

So, unfortunately for those ambitious DIYers, relying on Google, the advice of peers,and free Mac-provided tools will not cut it. The hardware and software solutions will not be anything more than a temporary stitch-job that eventually unravels.

Inevitably, this approach leads to the following three problems:

1. A System That’s Too Personalized

The first scenario involves a system that is so personalized and complicated that the lawyer in question could be the only person who could ever understand it.

Since the specifications are not catered to other lawyers, when the firm grows, the founder ends up being the dedicated IT person. 

That is not exactly an ideal solution when you are supposed to be focused on billing hours. 

2. Tech Solutions Not Built-to-Scale

On top of the mix-mashed solutions mentioned above, comes problems with scalability,or, more specifically, the lack of scalability.

Once a law firm owner makes one or two hires, they will have a rude awakening concerning the shortcomings and limitations of their setup. 

Suddenly, filesharing starts to feel like rocket science and multiple, scattered versions of files begin littering your system. 

With multiple users trying to access data remotely, control is stripped away from that highly sensitive information. 

In many cases, it’s because these firms have aging computers and hardware. These systems are without configurations that can handle the firm’s needs. 

3. Matters of Security

Of course, if you are a lawyer who is patchworking tech-based solutions for your firm, security will become a huge issue.

Sure, Macs tend to boast tremendous security. But they are not ironclad, and there is the need to have a precise idea of how to protect your client’s data. 

Namely, it is necessary to know the exact level of security measures required, such as what is too little and what might be overkill and costing too much money. 

The Struggle of Finding Technology Professionals

When faced with these obstacles, many firms are driven to the brink of…Google, unfortunately. Meaning they are privy only to very sloppy, unsustainable solutions that make more of a mess.

So, in attempts to “save” and not pay for tech management, it ends up costing an excess of time and money. It’s more time spent dealing with a faulty system, and less time billing clients. 

Though, once a firm realizes it is time to get professional IT help, they are often still left pulling out their hair, wondering where it all went wrong. 


Because, if you are seeking out services, going with an Apple Certified Consultant might seem to make sense—but they are generalists. These consultants do not understand the nuances of law practices and can only provide broad-stroke solutions, not actionable insights.

Beyond that, Apple Certified consultants can not work with your schedule because they are operating solo. Your ability to get any help is at the whim of their inconvenient schedule. 

You could also choose an IT company—but most of the time, you’d be stuck with a Windows-first shop. To get the job, they will try to convince you – by hook or by crook – that they are proficient with Macs. 

Then it turns out they only have one person who kind of, sort of knows Macs—only on a generalist basis. And you have wasted two months’ worth of service payments on something completely useless. 

Hitting a Wall

Sadly, given the complexities involved in running a law firm mixed with the failures of other tech service providers, Mac-based law firms hit a wall. They start to believe that there is no tech professionals out there who can help them.

Then these law firms desperately go back to Google to knock down this wall of complexity, hoping for a hail Mary answer to their sophisticated questions. They even ask other Mac-using attorneys. 

It is all to no avail because the viewpoints are not holistic. They do not come from a Mac IT provider with a firm grasp of the goings-on at a law firm. 

The fact is, neither Google nor other attorneys fully comprehend your firm’s strategy and specific needs. They do not have insight into your big-picture outlook that is driven by stability, scalability, productivity, and security. 

These kinds of issues can cut your firm off at the knees, sending your operations to a screeching halt. 

Since you’re attempting to set up a system that works for the future, there’s a need to evaluate services and assess necessary changes. Then comes the migration projects essential to implement successful solutions.

Imagine having to do all of that while keeping your clients satisfied and attempting to acquire new business.

What’s Life Likewith a Successful Tech Solution?

Let’s layout the dream scenario for any Mac-based law firm:

  • No wasted hours frantically trying to find a tech solution
  • No investing time and money on the wrong solutions that hinder progress and growth
  • Effective security strategies in place that protect client data and provide peace of mind
  • Scalable tech solutions that grow alongside your firm
  • Faster end results when enhancing stability, security, and productivity
  • Leveraging your Mack technology in the most efficient way
  • No guesswork with your tech—only functionality and efficiency
  • The ability to work remotely from all over the world at full capacity
  • Implemented systems that save you the time of installing software and security updates as well as scanning and removing malware
  • An increased bottom-line
  • More time for clients
  • More personal time on the evenings and weekends

 Introducing: The “Get a Secure, Stable, and Productive Mac Law Firm” Course

Finally, there is a solution that accounts for the complexities of not just being a Mac-based business, but a Mac-based law firm. 

The “Get a Secure, Stable, and Productive Mac Law Firm” Course has a proven track record of success.

Through the insightful lessons taught in this course, reliable, efficient, and secured Mac-based law firms are built.

We have spent 13 years carefully refining our system and teaching techniques so that your law firm can benefit from the following end results:

  • More hours billed
  • Less downtime
  • Effective security measures that reduce risk
  • Increased productivity

This system is not just a generic overview of Mac tools. At GlobalMac It, we are experts on how Macs can be used in law firms because we have spent the last 13 years working alongside those in the industry. We know the specific tools and techniques required to make a significant difference.

The strategies we focus on have bolstered the security, stability, and productivity of firms of all sizes—even solo attorneys. Instead of getting started in the wrong direction, this course will put you on the right path from the very beginning. 

You will save yourself from the pain, frustration, and hundreds of wasted hours that come with inadequate solutions.

Here is an overview of exactly what you’ll learn in the course:

  • How to secure your network
  • The Mac apps you can use to increase productivity
  • Best in class solutions and apps our clients use to set themselves to scale fearlessly
  • How to improve the stability of all your technology and reduce unexpected downtime
  • How to free up time running updates manually and reactively dealing with update-infused downtime
  • The Four most common mistakes made when buying a Mac
  • What hardware will simplify your work and increase your productivity
  • How to set up a genuinely mobile practice

What is included:

  • 6 LIVE modules:
    • Hardware: Choosing a Mac and Accessories
    • How to Secure Your Network
    • Mac Tips & Tricks to Massive Productivity
    • Being on Macs Isn’t Enough – How to Secure Your Client Data
    • Legal Mac Software – What You Need and How to Select
    • Your Core Mac Software Toolset
  • All modules are recorded and made available via the Members-Only Education Course Portal and include video, audio, full transcription, and accompanying workbook ($1,500 Value)
  • 2 LIVE Implementation Sessions – no training, just implementation ($500 Value)
  • 2 X 30-minute One-on-One Strategy Calls with our CEO, Tom Lambotte ($500 value)
  • 12 credits of BasicCare – our proprietary Mac management tool that automates software & security update, monitoring, and maintenance ($468 Value)

How Much Does the Course Cost?

For 3 monthly payments of $499, you can have the entire “Get a Secure, Stable, and Product Mac Law Firm” course at your disposal.

Meaning, you will have access to the array of comprehensive strategies, checklists, and planning schedules that are broken into six easy-to-digest modules. 

This process allows you to methodically and walk through creating the desired and technological outcomes and procedures for your firm. It is done in a way so that you can learn effective techniques without becoming overwhelmed, making it a more practical approach. 

Note: “Get a Secure, Stable, and Productive Mac Law Firm” is currently being pre-sold 

for a reduced-priced and will be released in March 2020.

Money-Back Guarantee 

Our course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

That’s how much faith we have in our course doing wonders for your law firm. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this going to be a tedious, geeked-out, nerdy course taught by an engineer-type IT guy?

Not at all.

You can not provide these kinds of services to law firms for 13 years without being engaging.

Tom Lambotte’s training techniques have been refined throughout his extensive experience. He takes those complicated concepts synonymous with tech and makes them simple for law professionals like yourself. 

Though pumping our own tires only has so much merit, so here is what our satisfied clients have to say on the matter: 

“Tom has the talent to answer questions at any level. There wasn’t any aspect he was unwilling to delve into – if we had a question, it was legitimate. He is also extremely patient. The content was complete, which is what one would hope. But when the students are other than techies, it’s the delivery that counts. That’s what made me so happy – that the content was delivered in a way that was extremely helpful, plus in a format that remains a useful tool for future use.”

“I think Tom and his team have done an awesome job creating their business. Their passion for the industry shows. And not only was the course extremely informative, but it was also fun!”

Q: Sounds expensive – is it worth it?

Yes, because it is all about the return on your investment.

Think about it—we are unrivaled when it comes to expertise in serving Mac-based law firms. In following our lessons and diving headfirst into our teachings, you will enhance productivity, stability, and security to the point that you are paying pennies to the dollar. 

In other words, what you pay for our course will be far eclipsed in the found money and moneyresulting from the benefits.

Here is what some of our former students have to say:

“Start here rather than doing what we did, which was to have unsuccessful starts and changed plans until we found the right answer, which was GlobalMacIT. No need to look any further.”

“It’s sooooooo worth it!”

“We found the course to be worth the money.”

Q: I am just getting started with my new law firm, will this be too advanced for me?

Given that our primary focus with this course is to simplify and avoid tech jargon, you will have no problem following Tom every step of the way. 

We firmly believe that overly complicated information might as well just not be information. You will not be able to retain anything, and the whole point of the course goes out the window.  

Tom will make what is complicated and tech-laden into simple laymen’s terms that are immediately actionable.

From the beginning, you will receive play-by-play recommendations throughout each step of your firm’s system setup. You won’t be hindered and offset endless hours of trial and error. 

Q: I’ve been a Mac user for over ten years and consider myself quite advanced, will I really stand to learn much from this course?

At the end of the day, no matter how comfortable you are using your Mac, you are still a Mac-using attorney.

Don’t get us wrong—your familiarity and comfortability with Macs will serve as an asset. However, Macs have changed throughout the years. While you may have been dedicated to your systems a decade ago, I find, in most cases, attorneys eventually land up on autopilot in this regard. 

Plus, the chances are that your business has grown exponentially. Therefore, it is impossible for you to stay tuned into the cutting edge of these technologies. 

Since you are an avid Mac-using attorney, you will likely find the processes and solutions taught in our course even more useful than those going in as a blank slate. You will be able to pinpoint where you are now. Then you can identify the best-in-class options for today and then implement for significant gains tomorrow.

Q: I an not a techie (nor do I have the desire ever to become one).Will this be a good fit for me?

Yes—we do not ever dabble in geek-speak.

In fact, we have spent years crafting a specific tech language that is easy to digest for lawyers. 

We operate under a philosophy focused on practicality so that you can implement our solutions ASAP and make significant progress quickly. 

Really, our step-by-step instructions are a blueprint and roadmap to your success.

You can try to implement a tech system yourself or use another IT professional. But we have found for the non-techies out there, our course has provided clear and actionable language that gave them directly positive results. 

Q: How much time will I need to invest per week?

One hour per week will get you through weekly sessions.

However, we have found that the students getting the most out of the course dedicate 2-3 hours a week to learning. 

That is about a half-hour per day that you can block off in your calendar to complete the workbooks provided with each module. From there, you can implement what will net you the best results. 

Really, though, what you get out of our course depends on what you put in. 

Now, we understand that you are busy, but the time spent learning our course material will pale in comparison to the hundreds of hours you save. 

If you happen to miss sessions or fall behind, all live sessions are recorded and posted on a members-only portal. Therefore, you can access and consume the content at your own convenience.

After every two sessions, we have an implementation week to allow some buffer time. During these periods, you can spend personal time with Tom to help put our lessons into practical usage scenarios and implementation. Alternatively, you can use that time to catch up on what you have potentially missed. 

As a lawyer, your schedule can run into some serious road bumps, so we are happy to be flexible and work with you.

We are not here to make your calendar more jam-packed. Instead, we are here to equip you with strategies, tips, and philosophies that will free up your schedule with your Apple technology. 

Q: I do not want to change all the software I am using and how I do everything, will that be required?

No, you will not be required to change all your software and approaches.

Now, Tom will make app recommendations of what our clients use, but, we account for the fact that there is no one-size-fits-all approach for law firms. 

Our course provides a multitude of solutions for your choosing. 

We mold our solutions to your needs—meaning we are not telling you five magical apps you must use. What you choose to implement is your choice, and we provide teachings based on those choices. 

GlobalMac It serves lawyers in all practice areas, whether it’s injury, family law, elder law, bankruptcy law, civil rights, environmental, criminal, and so forth. There could not possibly be one solution that meets the needs of all those spheres of law. 

Q: I have an office manager who handles all our technology. Should they attend the sessions?

Your office manager shoulddefinitely attend these sessions.

Your entire team has a login that can gain access to the portal and attend the LIVE sessions. 

In some cases, firm owners will attend the first module. Then they will play a role in the initial vision and big picture planning before handing off the following sessions to an office manager. 

Q: We already have an IT company taking care of things, will this be beneficial for us?

The answer to this question is dependent on these two factors:

  • Is your IT company mostly Mac-specific?
  • Do they work primarily with law firms?

In our experience, 99.99% of the time, the answer to both of those questions is a resounding ‘no.’

Meaning, your IT company isn’t familiar enough with either Macs or Law firms. 

Many Mac-based firms are working with Apple Consultants, who charge an hourly rate. The billable hours make it challenging for these IT professionals to stay on top of current technologies. Beyond that, they are generalized and do not understand the intricacies of law firms. 

The other IT companies working with Mac-based law firms are actually Windows-first and do not have the specialized insights on your system.

If your law firm is working either of these IT company examples, you willbenefit tremendously from our course.

The teachings of our course will help you establish a strategic roadmap that clarifies a plan of precisely what you must do for your practice. Then you can bring that blueprint to your IT provider for implementation.  

Q: Will you provide a transition plan from Windows?

We have extensive experience in not only helping law firms transition from Windows to Macs, but also converting them. Macs are ideal for the law industry and we will do everything in our power to make the transition from Windows to Macs a seamless one.

  • March 26, 2020

About the Author

Tom Lambotte is a legal technology expert, author and the CEO of GlobalMac IT. He helps Mac-using lawyers with super simple technology, security and efficiency strategies that work. He’s on a mission to help attorneys using Apple computers reduce their security risk and get more out of their technology. Get his free 33 Stupid Simple Mac Tips and score some quick wins to boost your productivity.