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Get All of Your Technology Needs

Handled for a Flat Monthly Fee

Get All of Your Technology Need Handled for a Flat Monthly Fee

We handle all your technology needs, drive progress and innovation and provide the expert guidance you seek because we understand the challenges and frustrations you run into as a Mac-based law firm.

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These three types of growing law firms
benefit the most from our services:

Overwhelmed I.T. Expert- Typical headcount: 5-15 

As the founder of your practice, you’ve been the IT person since day one. You set up your technology as best you could and things work (for the most part). That worked up till now but is not sustainable to reach your growth plans. You accept you cannot keep being the IT person and that having your office manager or paralegal take it over would be a quick fix, but not a smart move. It’s time to hand off this role to experts who can not only take over this role but will also bring solutions to secure your practice and ensure you have the best solutions for your needs.

          Primary outcomes:

  • free up precious time
  • tighten security
  • upgrade/strengthen technology solutions to prepare for growth.

Misled by Windows MSP- Typical headcount: 10-30

Your firm has been working with a Windows-centric Managed Service Provider who convinced you they had the capability to support Macs. These expectations were not met (we’ve seen this a lot). They are unable to bring solutions, let alone provide top-notch support for Mac users. The service you are receiving from them is not what you signed up for and you are searching for a provider that ideally understands BOTH Macs and the specific needs of a law firm.

          Primary outcomes:

  • find a provider that is knowledgeable in Macs and understands the unique requirements of a law practice 
  • increase efficiency 
  • tighten security

Let-down by In-house I.T.- Typical headcount: 20-75 

Your firm values being on the cutting-edge and backed up this belief by hiring a full-time IT person many years ago. Instead of keeping the firm cutting-edge, however, this individual merely kept things from failing, and was unable to keep up with modern technology solutions. This is you if you have a Mac mini server on-site, still have one person manually installing updates, and have a hodge-podge of solutions kept working with an endless supply of quick fixes. 

          Primary outcomes:

  • get a knowledgeable support team in place (vs. one overwhelmed individual)
  • gradually upgrade to modern solutions (which will net you with significant efficiencies in the process), 
  • replace shoddy fixes for permanent solutions

Do you read that and think, "Yes, that's me"?

Our Proven Process:

Mac-Based Law Firms Struggle to Find a  Managed Service Provider That Meets and Exceeds Their Expectations

Coming from Big Law, the attorneys at Bick Law LLP in Newport Beach were used to the caliber and support that comes from having an in-house IT Team.  They went through three IT companies in 3 years. Three times IT providers convinced them they knew could support Macs. And every single time, they failed to deliver this promise.

Just like Bick Law, many of our clients had PC-based IT companies tell them that they know how to support Macs. The flawed thinking by these windows-first IT companies goes:

  • We support computers
  • Macs are computers
  • Hence, we can support Macs

But 100% of the time, they were let down by their previous IT Company.

They quickly realized the IT company had (very) limited resources familiar with Macs. This is often one individual with limited Mac knowledge (but more than the rest of the team = hence = their Mac expert). When that person is unavailable, the support techs lack the knowledge and experience and simply don’t know what they are doing. 

The final straw for Bick Law’s 3rd IT provider was their suggestion to put in a $26,000 Windows server, telling them it would be “so much easier” if they were on Windows and off of Macs! That’s when they found us.

The attorneys at Bick Law had three goals:

  • Increase the ability to work remotely
  • A team that was attentive and familiar with Macs and understood their workflow
  • Hence, we can support Macs

Since joining us in 2017, Carolyn has reported:

  • Reduced downtime
  • Reliable Infrastructure
  • Controlled spending

In addition, Carolyn reported significant improvements in their:

  • IT infrastructure
  • Security
  • Productivity

More importantly, their technology is no longer a source of stress. Things work and when issues arise, their entire team has the confidence that they can reach out to us and that their issue will be addressed and resolved.

Our TotalCare Managed Services allows Mac-based law firms with 10 –100 users to:

  • Outsource their technology strategy
  • Technology management and support at a flat-fee
  • Allows the “IT go to person” in your firm to focus on their real role in the company

This solution has been built from the ground up around the goal of making Mac-based law firms more secure and efficient.

If your law firms’ IT needs are being supported by a Managed Service Provider, let’s discuss what support from a Mac-centric company would look like and how it would improve your profitability, efficiency and security. Book a free strategy call to discover 2-3 strategies you could implement.

Discover Where Your IT Provider is Letting You Down

Hi, I’m Tom.

I am a legal technology expert, author and the Founder and CEO of GlobalMac IT.  We help Mac-using law firms simplify their technology, strengthen their security and increase efficiency.

Like many of you I am a spouse and parent to my wonderful kids first. I believe strongly in balance, hence my obsession with high-quality service, systems and solutions that take as much OFF your plate as possible, so you do what you need, then get home to what’s most important. 

That is why my team is committed to making all of your technologies run as as smoothly, securely and efficiently as possible.

What Our Clients Have to Say...

Using a Windows shop that “knows Macs” is like hiring a litigator to do corporate transactions. Sure they will figure it well enough out but they are going to be training on your dime and not delivering the best possible work product. With Global Mac, they know how to prevent Mac issues from occurring and how to fix any issues that arise very quickly. They have very refined knowledge, processes, and procedures that they have developed through working exclusively with Mac based law firms.

My experience with other IT shops is they nickel and dime you and end up costing more in the long run. By contrast GMIT have done a lot of of big projects for us, most recently document management platform conversion, for which they do not charge extra. Even if GMIT fees are higher, I would bet they make up for it through gained productivity. We do not have employee down time as a result of IT issues.

Doug Wolfe

Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Wolfe | Pincavage

I used to spend at least 1/4 and up to 1/2 of my time dealing with

tech-related issues. 

Jared Harrison,


Harrison & Meklenburg, Inc.

The GlobalMac team has done a fantastic job of keeping our office running efficiently and productively by ensuring our IT needs are always met and expectations surpassed.

Joseph A. Rodriquez


Colvin, Saenz, Rodriquez & Kennamar, LLP

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