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DocMoto-Changing the Status Quo for Document Management Systems


TThursday, March 10th

@ 2:00 pm Eastern

11:00 am Pacific


Please join me as I host Lee Ferris, DocMoto Product Manager, on March 3, 2022, for an overview and demonstration of the DocMoto solution.  

Lee will show you DocMoto’s benefits over more traditional (and basic) alternatives, like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and the like. He will demonstrate the productivity gains and efficiency improvements you can realize within your practice. 

DocMoto can handle any file without limits on numbers or sizes. It has sophisticated document assembly at the heart of its’ system and integrations with common productivity apps such as Outlook, Gmail, and Slack.

You’ll walk away with:

  • A new awareness of the benefits of working with an app-based document manager 
  • Seeing how secure, fully integrated third party sharing can revolutionize your team’s productivity
  • Understanding the benefits of professional-level revision management
  • Seeing how the app can be accessed from popular productivity solutions like Slack, Outlook 

Your Presenter:

Lee Ferris
Product Manage for DocMoto - The Document & Email Management System.

An engineer by trade working closely with engineering, technical support, marketing, sales, prospects & clients to ensure DocMoto’s feature list supports today and tomorrow’s requirements.

A lifetime in engineering (30 years), starting as an avionics engineer in the Royal Navy (Fleet Air Arm) to software engineer with Hunting (Aircraft Simulators) to ObethurCS (smart card manufacturer - banking & GSM) to DocMoto (Document & Email Management Software).

Lee lives with his wife Clare a graphic designer in Cirencester, England.

Company Description:

DocMoto is a specialist software development and services company with over 20 years of experience in developing, supplying, and supporting commercial-grade solutions in highly demanding environments.

Their work is intensely customer-focused, and they have extensive experience working in the legal, financial, medical, and government sectors with their flagship solution DocMoto installed around the world.

Your Host:

Tom Lambotte
CEO of GlobalMac IT
and BobaGuard

Tom Lambotte is a cybersecurity expert who has been in the tech support industry for over a
decade. He founded BobaGuard in 2019, which offers turnkey solutions to solo lawyers and
small-to-medium law firms.

In addition, Tom is also the CEO and Founder of GlobalMac IT, an established managed service
provider specializing in serving lawyers nationwide who use Macs by implementing his Proven

Tom’s mission is to help entrepreneurs grow by leveraging technology. He has taken it upon
himself to be a hero to lawyers running solo, small and mid-size law firms, at the intersection of
technology adoption, efficiency, and security. BobaGuard was born out of a passion to make
the latest cybersecurity solutions accessible and affordable to ALL, not just BigLaw.

Tom is the author of the American Bar Association’s "Macs in Law" and has been widely
published by legal industry online and print publications. He also authored Hassle-Free Mac IT
Support for Law Firms and Legal Boost: Big Profits Through an IT Transformation. Tom's weekly
blog, Stupid Simple Security Tips, provides actionable and simplified strategies to protect solo
and small-to-mid-size lawyers from getting hacked.

He lights up a room with his contagious charm and love for all things family. He may be the
proud dad of four sweet kids (and two cute French Bulldog puppies) and husband to his
fantastic wife, but he lives an adventurous lifestyle as well! Every day brings new adventures in
Cleveland, Ohio, where you can find this active family man at home, searching his property for
mushrooms, or out exploring hiking trails near Lake Erie coastline to sampling the best ice
cream shops in Chagrin Falls with his family.

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