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The “Magic” in the Magic Trackpad

Stupid Simple Mac Tips #46 – The “Magic” in the Magic Trackpad

September 8, 2020

I can’t remember the last time I used a mouse. Included with every ‘prescribed’ computer setup for friends, family, and clients is the Magic Trackpad 2. Pssst – hey, don’t check out of this tip if you don’t use the Magic Trackpad. These tips all apply if you use a laptop and don’t have the […]

  • September 8, 2020

Stupid Simple Mac Tips #45 – Shining a Spotlight on Quick Math

September 1, 2020

During your day, you might find yourself having to do a quick calculation or convert currency –which can sometimes slow even the best mathematicians down. Enter Spotlight, one of the most versatile tools on your Mac. How Does Spotlight Become a Calculator? Open Spotlight by clicking the magnifying glass icon at the top right of […]

  • September 1, 2020
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