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Law Firm Marketing: Build Your Brand With Content, Social Media & Seo

by Rocket Matter Increasing online brand awareness is not easy. It takes consistent, relevant, useful content, effective use of social media and the adoption of SEO best practices to really drive it. ...

Apple Tech Tip

A Really Smart Search Tip Here’s a super-fast way to search using Spotlight: Type Command-Space to open Spotlight Type your query Then type Command-B and you’ll be taken directly to the search ...

Featured Solution - Clio’s Outlook 365 add-in is here!

Did you know? Clio’s Outlook 365 add-in is here! Stop wasting time moving between your email inbox and your legal practice management system. Clio’s Outlook 365 add-in, one of the most highly requested features, is now available for download free ...

Tom’s Bookshelf

This might be one book that you’ll wish you had read early in your career. Willpower Doesn’t Work: Discover the Hidden Keys to Success by Benjamin Hardy is like an action plan ...

Globalmac It In The News

GlobalMac IT CEO, Tom Lambotte will be one of 5 speakers presenting at the CLE: Build A Better Law Firm on Friday, December 7, 2018.  This FREE all-day CLE program offers business ...

How To Leverage Technology To Address The 5 Biggest Challenges For Solo & Small Law Firms

From The Desk Of Tom Lambotte Research has shown that the top five challenges for Solo and Small Law Firms are: Acquiring new ...

9 Security Tips for Mac-Using Attorneys

For modern law firms, data security is paramount. To keep client and firm data secure, lawyers need take careful precautions and create thoughtful security policies—and it doesn’t matter whether they’re on a ...

Apple Tech Tips: Minutely Adjust the Volume and Brightness

I only recently found out you can control volume and brightness more minutely than just up and down. First hold down the option and the shift key, then use the Brightness or ...

Featured Solution

Workflows The practice of law is structured and propelled by deadlines, and so it follows that the failure to meet deadlines can have catastrophic effects on an attorney’s reputation. In fact, according to a study conducted by the American Bar ...

Tom’s Bookshelf: Essentialism by Greg McKeown

In the last newsletter, the book was Deep Work, hands down my best book in 2017. Essentialism was that book for 2016. Out of 25+ books, classifying this as the best was a no-brainer. I've re-read it once since then ...


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