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Podcast Interview: Is Working with Virtual Assistants Putting your Law Firm in Danger?

My new interview on the Digital Detectives podcast on the Legal Talk Network is LIVE! Topic: Is Working with Virtual Assistants Putting your Law Firm in Danger? Tom Lambotte talks about virtual assistants and how involving them could cause data ...

How to identify rampant financial losses caused by the "We'll just deal with it" technology plague.

[WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE, OR READ THE TRANSCRIPT BELOW] In this quick video, I want to show you how lacking the proper I.T. support resources leads an attitude of “we’ll just deal with it,” which is costing your firm tens ...

How to Start a Law Firm on a Mac

If you’ve recently passed the bar exam, chances are that you already own an Apple device. Based on an unofficial, first-hand counting ...

Best Scanner for Small Law Office

By: Ernie Svenson What's the best scanner for a law office? If you want to be truly paperless you need to buy at ...

How to Take Control of Your Financials (And Your Firm)

By: Micky Deming Law firms, especially solo practices, operate in a very reactive fashion. They react to issues as they arise. They ...

Why an Attorney Being “So Busy” Is Not a Badge of Honor

By: Richard James Original Post: Have you ever noticed how many attorneys complain (read: brag) about how busy they are? ...

From the Desk of Tom Lambotte: The early adopter tax (how to save hundreds in lost billable time)

Practice what you preach. Sounds good, but we don’t all do it. I recently personally paid the price when I ignored my ...

Tech Gadget of the Month: Libratone Zipp

I needed a new portable speaker with some quality sound. The UE MiniBoom was ok as a small portable speaker, ...

Microsoft Word – Quick Tip - Format Eraser

As professionals in the legal field we spend more time in MS Word than most people. The following power tip will help ...

The Number One Reason to Create a Financial Forecast

From my CFO view of the world, there is really only one reason to create and maintain a reliable financial forecast in business.


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