Case Study – The Law Office of Kenneth E. Berger

Case Study

The Law Office of Kenneth E. Berger

“We were growing at a rate that required a larger, stronger IT  team than we had."

Jason Savage

Chief Operating Officer


The Law Office of Kenneth E. Berger, in Columbia, SC, comprises of ten people including three attorneys. They dedicate themselves to providing help to good people who experience life-changing injuries at the hands of another person or business. In the last four years, their office space, staff, and impact upon the community has grown and they don't intend to stop anytime soon! The rate at which they were growing led them to realize that they needed a stronger IT team than what was in place. They had specific goals regarding the direction they were heading and needed an IT team to help achieve those goals.

They had three primary objectives. Free up time spent dealing with the technology so they could focus more time supporting their clients. Increase security throughout the firm to protect their client data. Find new solutions and methods to improve efficiency. "I did a lot of research and reached out to local businesses," said chief operating officer Jason Savage. "I tried to guide our local IT company to simplify our systems and use cloud solutions." However, after making no progress, it became clear that they needed a different solution.

GlobalMac IT came highly recommended by an associate of Kenneth Berger, founder of Berger Law. After meeting with GlobalMac IT, Kenneth and his firm had absolute confidence that GlobalMac IT would create a comprehensive IT strategy that would scale. When they looked at their current issues they saw the potential of having the support of a full-time IT staff focused on Mac-based law firms. They felt secure knowing GlobalMac IT understood the legal specific needs, challenges and solutions.


After the initial consultation, GlobalMac IT reviewed goals and established a roadmap for the firm to address their issues. The approach was comprehensive, from reviewing the firm's software and ensuring that it was correctly set up, to suggesting ways to improve their processes. "The GlobalMac IT team learned everything we did and came up with a solution. Simple," said Jason Savage. "GlobalMac IT did exactly what we wanted them to do."

After stabilizing the Berger Law Firm system, the next step was to ensure that the software and hardware was up-to-date and running efficiently. GlobalMac lT evaluated and removed unnecessary, non-functional systems, and they configured the network to be secure and optimized for efficiency. "From there it was a steady climb and progression, each month seemed to offer a new and better layer," said Jason.


Working with GlobalMac IT continues to evolve. As a firm grows or shifts focus, they need new ways to leverage technology. GlobalMac IT brings solutions during quarterly focusing calls to suggest changes and implement new processes as required.

The firm reports leveraging technology in a way that enables them to better serve their clients. Security monitoring, by a team of GlobalMac IT professionals, ensures that they are one step ahead of the newest security risks.

In the short-term, the most significant immediate gain was increased productivity. With GlobalMac IT monitoring their systems, they had far less downtime for tech-related issues. "Our clients received more of the focus. We were no longer taking tons of time to work with our non-functional computer systems. We could do our jobs." said Jason.

Berger Law continued to see a dramatic increase in efficiency. "One aspect of my job is to do everything in my power to maximize the efficiency of our team members, systems, and vendors. This creates a much higher likeliness for growth and allows us to help more people," said Jason. "Our team is much happier when they can do their jobs and not be continually dragged down by sticky computers and systems not working." GlobalMac IT was successful in solving Berger Law Firm's problems and helping them achieve their intended IT goals.