“The GlobalMac team has done a fantastic job of keeping our office running efficiently and productively by ensuring our IT needs are always met and expectations surpassed. They are knowledgeable, friendly and very reliable. Their team is a pleasure to work with and we look forward to a continued relationship.”

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Joseph A. Rodriguez


For over 60 years, the law firm of Colvin, Saenz, Rodriguez & Kennamer L.L.P., has been providing effective representation to individuals and businesses across South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley in a variety of complex legal matters. As the firm has grown, so have its resources and its technical needs.

Before GlobalMac IT, the firm had an in-house IT person. His specialty was networking, but they were asking him to do much more than that, which is where problems occurred. The main issues were that they were unable to predict potential problems, upgrades, budgets, etc. “We always seemed to have to put out fires after a problem occurred (failed hard drive, dead computer, major IT expense, etc.). All these issues have been non-existent since GlobalMac IT came onboard.” says Mary Martinez, a law firm administrator at CSRK.

CSRK wanted to be able to forecast expenses and possible outages. “We were never prepared for disaster and/or future IT purchases. We had no systems or practices in place for our IT needs,” said Mary.

They realized that they needed a more specialized team to help with their issues. After meeting GlobalMac IT at a legal technology conference in 2014, they reached out for help.  “The decision to bring GlobalMac IT onboard was a difficult one to make given they are based out of Ohio and we are in Texas.  Our biggest fear was that we would have a major crash and that it would be difficult to handle or worse, correct because they are not local,” said Mary. “We have found out that is not an issue.  Everything we’ve ever needed help with GlobalMac IT has done remotely or through the use of the TOAD (tech on a drive) that they have provided.”

Mary recalls that a few years ago a senior partner in the middle of an out of town trial spilled his water bottle on his laptop causing it to fail.  “Obviously, this was major… he was in the middle of the trial and had no useable laptop.  I called GlobalMac IT immediately, and they orchestrated the purchase, setup and restoration of the date on a new laptop within hours.  GlobalMac IT had it all set up that evening and ready for him to use the next day!”


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