Working at GlobalMac IT is a lot more than a J-O-B and we don’t just hire anyone off the street. Our elaborate recruiting process ensures that we only add A-players, which is defined by more than just skill. Below are 8 key mindsets and behaviors that we look for in right-fit team members.

Is this you?

Aligned With Values,
Goals, & Leadership

You are fully aligned with our company Values (Grow, Be the Hero and Do the Work), champion your goals, and lead by example.

Motivated By Contribution
Versus Status

Because you’re so focused on increasing your contribution, rewards and status are viewed only as welcome by-products.

Smart & Accountable

You have integrity, are intelligent and inquisitive, and are always willing to test yourself and take on new challenges.

Self-Aware & Team-Focused

You know and accept your own and the teams’ capabilities; You work to mitigate weaknesses and to maximize everyone’s strengths.

Collaborative & Open-Minded

You know that collective intelligence is always superior to any one person’s solution and are open to new ideas and input.


You’re always looking to grow, are hungry to learn new capabilities, and inspire others to grow

along with you.

Grateful & Generous

You’re kind, generous with others and yourself, praise often, and treat mistakes as
learning opportunities.

Fully Engaged & Always Learning

You do things wholeheartedly, are fully engaged, embrace change, and help others thrive because you love what you do.