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The Complete System for Automatically Keeping
Your Macs Safe and Running Smoothly

Used by top legal Mac-based law firms throughout North America for a decade. This is the latest edition of the cutting-edge monitoring system that manages your Mac, whether one or a few dozen, all in one place, or through a spread out work force.

You are a solo lawyer or small law fim owner. You wear a lot of hats. You're running the business, hunting for leads, converting prospects, attending to the books, and hopefully getting a lot of legal work accomplished. It's a LOT to deal with. The last thing you have time for are preventable computer problems.

  • Software updates notices pop up at the worst times
  • You've got 30 updates waiting to be installed
  • Your computer is running slow
  • Minor, but time-sucking and preventable issues
  • You're worried about experiencing a hardware failure or data loss at the worst possible unexpected time.

BasicCare Is The Proven Tool For Lawyers Who Use Apple
Computers. Our Team Tests And Verifies Updates.
Then Installs Them In the Background So Your
Computer Is Kept Up to Date.

Staying on top of updates keeps you, your law practice, and your clients safe. These days hackers are extremely sophisticated.

It's not like the old days when a nerdy teen was making simple viruses in his mom's basement. Today rouge organizations recruit computer science graduates to create smart malware that can penetrate your security and rifle through your files.

  • BasicCare runs regular maintenance to keep your Mac running in top shape.
  • It performs monitoring that sends alerts when issues are found. That way issues can be resolved before they turn into bigger issues.
  • Financial data, personal information, and anything of value can be stolen within seconds. Most often they are taking advantage of computers that haven't been updated.
  • By knowing the weak points in popular apps and software, hackers can get inside and do tremendous damage to your business, your reputation, and your future.

The Best Defense Is To Install Updates As Soon
As They Have Been Tested and Verified to Be Stable

This keeps your apps strong against the constantly evolving black hat technology that is constantly searching for victims.

Of course, keeping your Macs updated can become a major part-time job. You simply don't have time for it. And trusting a staff member to get it all done can be expensive and often ineffective.

BasicCare automates the update process :

  • With best in class efficiency and reliability
  • Built by top programmers working with law firms, it is specifically designed to meet the considerable demands of your business.
  • These tools were custom built for and counted on by hundreds of Mac using attorneys for over a decade.
  • It increases your law firm's security and productivity - all without you or your staff having to do any work.

The GlobalMac IT’s services were created by Tom Lambotte, creator of the Proven Process™. Tom has provided best-in-class, white-glove managed services for law firms using Apple technology for over a decade and as such is versatile in understanding the Apple ecosystem and the legal technology needs of his clients. His first two books focused on support options for Mac-based law firms and technology strategies to boost profits. His 3rd book, published by the American Bar Association, titled Macs-in-Law: the Definitive Guide for the Mac-Curious, Windows-Using Attorney, navigates the decision-making process for firms making the switch from Windows to Macs. He’s consulted with hundreds of Mac-using attorneys and law firms to help them improve their use of Apple technology and solutions in their practices. Many of Tom’s clients have dramatically increased their billable hours, reduced downtime and significantly improved security after implementing the Proven Process™.

In the Technology Vision Builder discussion, you will:

1) Work with Tom to help define your goals, challenges, and opportunities related to technology. You will create clarity with the impact technology can make in your practice.

2) Learn our Proven Process™ and how it will build towards your long term vision and

3) See how our role as your Technology Success Provider will convert your law firm’s technological approach into one that maximizes efficiency and improves profitability.

The human brain is drawn to CLARITY and away from confusion. If your team members are confused about technology, they’ll waste time creating workarounds or inadvertently cause a data breach. Once you clarify your approach to technology, your team’s overall efficiency will begin to improve. Law firms that strategically use technology win in the marketplace. Request a consult with Tom Lambotte today to discuss the Proven Process™. Why? Because you’ll never really understand the benefit to being best-in-class with your Apple technology when you’re okay with running ‘fine’.

Advantages Of BasicCare

Automatic Updates

BasicCare is the latest cutting-edge
tedition of this proven automated update and maintenance software. It takes care of your Macs cheaper, fast, and better than hiring an expensive IT firm.

Increases Your Uptime

BasicCare Increases Your UP Time For Greater Productivity. Having computers down, paused, or running slow can be a major impediment to getting things done. As much as we all love Macs, they can develop issues that make them run slow or gobble up files without warning.

Reduces expensive problems

BasicCare spares you of all those expensive, time consuming problems. You get expert updates, testing, automated maintenance, and advance notification of developing issues.

Many firms go ahead and spend the money on outside IT techs. The techs assure you they can work on Macs. But often these guys end up making Macs run worse. Not only are your problems not fixed, you've got more issues to deal with.

This takes the hours of computer maintenance and updates off your plate so you have more time to run your business. Now you can relax, knowing your Macs are safe and ready to work.

  • Get more done without having to wait on updates
  • Have greater confidence your files and client information are secure
  • Head off computer issues before they become a problem
  • Save yourself hours of time fixing computers
  • Save BIG money by NOT hiring an outside IT firm

It can be extremely frustrating when technology issues occur. You find yourself having to do work all over again, putting off tasks you needed to get done today, and -- worst of all -- making excuses to staff and clients.

BasicCare prevents those problems and frustrations. By smartly automating updates, testing, and maintenance, your Macs are up and running at maximum efficiency and all times.

Rather than being a problem you have to attend to, probably more often than you realize, your computers become reliable tools that fade into the background. Now you can focus on your legal work, your clients, and the success of your business.



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