All New Lit Suite

All New Lit Suite

By Tom Lambotte | March 2, 2021

We are thrilled to share this news:

Lit Software has just released all-new versions of their Lit Suite for iOS

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The Lit Suite is comprised of TrialPad, TranscriptPad, and DocReviewPad.

These are, in my opinion, the best iOS apps for the legal industry. I cannot think of any legal-specific applications that are as advanced, functional, and useful – not to mention have a clean UI – user interface.

These apps tap into the most important and useful Apple technologies made available on the current version of iOS.

As you’ll read below, Lit Software has been working on making their applications available for macOS!!! In my opinion, this missing key has always held the solution back as a whole, since it’s a bit odd doing all your work on your Mac, then having to switch to iPad for prepping a matter for court. This will no longer be necessary!

This is a huge, exciting announcement for the Mac community.

Lit Software doesn’t have an announced release date, but I know it’s going to be in 2021.  

Lit Software also has changed their pricing structure.  You now pay a fee for the suite, similar to Office 365, and this provides both the iOS apps and the Mac OS apps.

Very cool and exciting announcement for the legal community.

The following are excerpts from the full article released by LitSoftware.

Announcing the All New Lit Suite

We are excited to announce the new LIT SUITE, which introduces all new iterations of TrialPad, TranscriptPad, and DocReviewPad! These are the great apps you’ve come to know and trust, with many new exciting and impressive features and capabilities, as well as fantastic new support options and tutorial videos.

We’ve created integrations between the apps with streamlined export and sharing options, and we’ve made collaboration between parties or among your legal team faster and more efficient with the ability to share a case remotely, AirDrop a case from one iPad to another, or create a back up straight to a USB drive.

But there’s even more. The new LIT SUITE is designed to grow! We have morefeatures and improvements planned for the existing apps, and additional new apps in different stages of development to be added to the LIT SUITE.

In addition to our new features roadmap with frequent updates, we are also working on making our apps available for macOS so that you will be as comfortable in the office as you are on the go. We’re not sharing details about this yet, but we plan to include them as part of the LIT SUITE subscription

Become An Expert

In addition to all new apps, we have launched a fantastic new Help Center that you can access at any time. Check out all the searchable FAQs and many tutorial videos about the features and capabilities of each of the new apps.

The Help Center is will be continually updated with support articles and videos to help you get the most out of your apps. Easily access the Help Center anytime by tapping the Help button in any of the LIT SUITE apps, or from the new LIT SOFTWARE website.

For a limited time, we are offering an introductory discount to customers who sign up during the launch period (that’s now!).

We really appreciate all our customers who have been with us from the beginning, those of you who just came along recently, or those of you who are just now learning about our powerful apps. We are offering special discounts as a thank you to our existing customers, as well as a discount for new customers who want to try the best litigations apps available.

Download all the apps today to try them free for seven days, using your own documents and evidence! When you press the Continue with Apple button during the install process your discount will be automatically calculated so you can see what the subscription will cost after the free trial period. If you choose not to subscribe, you can always cancel during the free trial period without being charged. 

  • March 2, 2021

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