Our Team & Mission


A leader in the legal technology and training industry, GlobalMac IT has been supporting Mac-using lawyers and their teams since 2006.

We are driven by three core values: grow, be the hero and work smart.


  • Yourself, Team and Clients – You grow yourselves as individuals, grow as a team and help our clients grow.
  • Always improve – we are constantly looking for ways to get better at what we do.
  • Do what you love – when you are doing what you love, you will always be growing and enjoying what you do.
  • Progress not perfection – to grow, you must focus on progress, on moving forward. Don’t let yourself be held back by the fear of failure.

Be the Hero

  • Wear the cape - You love to wear your superhero cape to save the day when duty calls.
  • Help others – You are compulsively wired help others.
  • Craft Stories – You craft memorable, positive stories in every interaction.
  • White glove experience - You provide world-class customer service.

Work Smart

  • Bring solutions – you don’t just complain about problems.
  • Prioritize – you separate the vital few from the trivial many, always prioritizing for the greater good.
  • Stamp your steel – Why Steel? Well we hear 20,000 pound sheets of steel getting worked on, so we thought this was fitting. What does this mean? You take pride in and stand confidently behind your work.

Embrace Change with Passion

  • Be excited to break things and make them better
  • Be receptive > keep the mission in mind
  • Nothing stays the same, and that's ok
  • Change is a positive and exciting force in life

Our team of experts will work hard as we assist with certain functions of your technology needs.

With TotalCare, our Managed Service for firms with 10 or more users, we will take over everything related to technology and guide your firm through our Proven Process™ to evaluate your current technology position, help your staff, and maximize efficiency by leveraging your Apple technology.

Our other products and services were all based on our experience supporting Mac-using attorneys. This includes self-paced courses that distill our experience serving our clients for over 13 years and making availalbe our knowledge to solos and smaller firms. Our goal is to provide specific, proven resources to help you maximize you usage of technology to increase your productivity and reduce your cybersecurity risks.

The GlobalMac IT Team works with lawyers using Apple computers who are frustrated with keeping their computers and mobile devices updated, running smoothly, and safe from cyber attacks. We do three things really well:

  1. 1
    We evaluate the biggest technology-related dangers, opportunities, and strengths.
  2. 2
    We help growth-minded law firms use Apple technology.
  3. 3
    We maximize efficiency and profitability by leveraging technology with our 3-year roadmap.

Meet the Team

Tom Lambotte


Tom Lambotte is considered the top expert on leveraging Apple technology within law firms.

Chris Henke

Integrator / COO

Being an EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) driven company, Chris is the man behind the curtain that holds everything together, beating the drum (providing cadence) and is accountable for the P&L results.

Tobias Morrison

Technology Alignment Manager

As the Technology Alignment Manager, Tobias is charged with setting standards for all aspects of our client technologies.

Christa Kruty

Virtual Chief Information Officer

As the virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO), Christa focuses on the business impact of technology and creates long term strategies to better align clients with our security and technology standards.

Thomas Kimbel

Technology Solutions Coordinator

Thomas is the Technology Solutions Coordinator with GlobalMac IT where he thrives on continually extending his technical knowledge to help maximize efficiency.

Megan Wiant

Operations Resource Coordinator

Megan, as the Operations Resource Coordinator, is responsible for maintaining the highest levels of quality service from our HelpDesk team to our clients.

Jared Nay

Help Desk Agent I

Jared is part of the first line of support that you have at GlobalMac IT. Finding solutions to make sure you have the best experience possible with your technology is his #1 priority.


Zeus was one of the founding members of GlobalMac IT and has been around since inception, back in 2007.


Luna joined GlobalMac IT back in 2008, and she brings many valuable skills along with her.

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