Tom Lambotte

Tom Lambotte is considered the top expert on leveraging Apple technology within law firms. With over a decade of experience in working with law firms using Macs, Tom Lambotte has become a "household" name in the legal industry, synonymous with great I.T. solutions.

Chris Henke
Integrator / COO

Being an EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) driven company, Chris is the man behind the curtain that holds everything together, beating the drum (providing cadence) and is accountable for the P&L results.

Tobias Morrison
Technology Alignment Manager

As the Technology Alignment Manager, Tobias is charged with setting standards for all aspects of our client technologies.

Thomas Kimbel
Technology Solutions Coordinator

Thomas is the Technology Solutions Coordinator with GlobalMac IT where he thrives on continually extending his technical knowledge to help maximize efficiency.

Brad Stumpp
Training and Development Specialist

Brad, as our Training and Development Specialist focuses on providing our clients with the knowledge to improve their skills, so they can become more efficient in their daily workflow.

Jared Nay
Help Desk Agent I

Jared is part of the first line of support that you have at GlobalMac IT. Finding solutions to make sure you have the best experience possible with your technology is his #1 priority.

Megan Wiant
Operations Resource Coordinator

Megan, as the Operations Resource Coordinator, is responsible for maintaining the highest levels of quality service from our Help Desk team to our clients.

Christa Kruty
Virtual Chief Information Officer

As the virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO), Christa focuses on the business impact of technology and creates long term strategies to better align clients with our security and technology standards.


Zeus was one the founding members of GlobalMac IT and has been around since inception, back in 2007.


Luna joined GlobalMac IT back in 2008, and she brings many valuable skills along with her.