A leader in the legal technology industry, GlobalMac IT, has decades of experience. We are driven by three core values: grow, be the hero and do the work. Our team of experts will work hard as we take over everything related to technology and guide your firm through our Proven Process™ to evaluate your current technology position, help your staff, and maximize efficiency by leveraging your Apple technology.

The GlobalMac IT Team works with law firms using Apple technology with 10-50 employees who are frustrated with keeping their computers and mobile devices updated, running smoothly, and safe from cyber attacks. We do three things really well:

  1. We evaluate the biggest technology-related dangers, opportunities, and strengths.
  2. We help growth-minded law firms use Apple technology.
  3. We maximize efficiency and profitability by leveraging technology with our 3-year roadmap.

Our clients tell us that they appreciate the peace of mind we give them, so they can stay focused on the business of running their own businesses.