David Wamack
Project Implementation Specialist 

David joined GlobalMac IT as our Project Implementation Specialist (or "Project Slayer" as we like to call the position 😏). He most recently worked as a Project Manager for CMS Internet. His primary focus at CMS was on MDU (Multiple Dwelling Unit) customers and other small companies.

While at CMS Internet, David was committed to making network improvements to his client's apartment complexes. Many of these complexes were home to college students, allowing him to improve everything required for them to have a great online experience while at school. New wiring, networking, software upgrades to devices, and access points are some of his frequently made improvements.

Now that David has joined the GlobalMac IT team, he will be helping Jeremey plan and implement all the projects for our valued GlobalMac IT Clients and assisting our Help Desk team in troubleshooting complicated issues and implementing solutions to avoid the same problems from developing in the future.

David and Anna live in Michigan with their two energetic young boys, Matthew and Alexander, who keep them busy. Most of his leisure time is spent with his kids at soccer practices or games.

David recognizes that eating dinner together as a family with the ability to share the day's activities is the foundation of keeping his family tightly bonded and plans to continue the tradition for a very long time. Family is essential to David, and he is lucky enough to have a large extended family with many honorary uncles and aunts to support his children.

The family rescued Jack, the family dog, and two cats, Eddie and Maggie, who bring lots of joy to the two boys.

David enjoys reading and playing video games when he has some free time. He prefers Factorio, a game about logistics and construction (which he claims is quite similar to his daytime job).

David's favorite quote:

"It takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of your own ignorance."  
Thomas Sowell