Cayce Parris
Marketing Coordinator

Many times a big impact is made by one of the people behind the scenes, and for both GlobalMac IT and BobaGuard one of those people is our newest team member, Cayce Parris as our new Marketing Coordinator.

Cayce has already made quite the positive effect for our BobaGuard and GlobalMac IT teams.

Her responsibilities often encompass initiatives like setting up and managing our digital platforms, including YouTube channels, and tackling the redesign and development of company websites. Her continuous efforts ensure that we remain relevant and visible in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Cayce is the first on either one of our teams to join us right after graduating college. She graduated from Rochester University in Rochester Hills, Michigan, with a degree in Business Management. She completed her classes early in December 2022, however, officially graduated in April 2023.

But that’s not all! While still in high school she went to cosmetology school and has had her cosmetology license for four years now. While in college she worked in a hair salon and still has a few clients that won’t let her go.

Cayce currently lives in Flat Rock, Michigan. She is engaged to a wonderful young man and they are planning a wedding for Fall of 2024. They also have a beautiful German Shepherd named Gussie. (That makes three people on our team that have at least one German Shepherd!)

Cayce enjoys spending time outside with her fiancé, hiking with their dog, fishing, shooting archery and hunting. You can also find her hammocking out in the trees or with a paint brush, some clay, or a camera in her hand creating beauty.

Unfortunately, the wonderful work that Cayce is involved in for GlobalMac IT and BobaGuard doesn’t provide the opportunity to chat with our clients, but if you do get the chance, you will find her very interesting and easy to talk to.

Cayce's favorite quote:

Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.

- Robert Brault