Beatrice McGrath
Help Desk Agent II

Beatrice joins our Help Desk team after recently working at iOPEX Technologies as a Network Specialist.

She started working in the IT world troubleshooting Windows computers, which turned into helping her clients with their iPads and iPhones, eventually moving into supporting their Apple computers.

Beatrice lives in a small town about an hour north of Philadelphia, PA. However, if you love the show "The Office," you may be more familiar with this area of
Pennsylvania being just outside of Scranton, PA.

We love to catch a glimpse of Beatrice's pride and joy during our morning Zoom meetings with her daughter Marilyn. Marilyn is five years old, loves kindergarten,
and is cute as a button.

In addition to doing fabulous work taking care of her home and daughter, Beatrice
also has a house full of pets. She has Daisy the Chihuahua and Benny, Nico, and
Barbera, three snuggly cats.

However, the most interesting part of Beatrice is her hobby; she collects butterfly
specimens! Her current collection numbers ten, and her most rare item isn't a butterfly at all but a Heterometrus Cyaneus, a small scorpion from Indonesia.

Beatrice’s favorite quote:

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."