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“The Four Most Dangerous
Technology Trends Facing
Growing Mac-Based Law Firms”

Webinar Details:

LIVE: Thursday, July 19th
Start Time: 1pm EST

Who Should Attend:

Attorneys and office administrators of growing law firms looking for ways to increase efficiency across the firm through the improved application of technology. This seminar will also be highly relevant to law firms looking for ways to flip the switch from a reactive to a proactive approach of technology management.

We've been helping Mac-based law firms improve efficiency by managing their technology for more than 10 years now. We have identified FOUR serious problems facing Mac-using lawyers. Since our survival depends on your success, we want you to see this information and learn how to address these problems. Join us for a succinct webinar for Mac-based law firms with 10-50 lawyers and staff. We'd love to have you join us.

During this seminar you will learn:

  • Insights into the four biggest problems facing growing Mac-based law firms
  • Five tips to implement a proactive technology management approach
  • Some solutions everyone should know to reduce the efficiency killers present in your law firm
  • The 8-step proven process to leverage technology to reduce risk and increase efficiency.
  • How you can be ahead of the pack in every way

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Meet Your Presenter:

Tom Lambotte
CEO, GlobalMac IT
Tom Lambotte

With over a decade of experience in working with law firms using Apple technology, Tom Lambotte has become a "household" name in the legal industry, synonymous with great IT solutions. He currently runs the largest and fastest growing Managed Service Provider for small to medium, high-growth Mac-based law firms. His company, GlobalMac IT pioneered a business-first approach to leveraging technology within a law firm. To date, law firms all over the United States have leveraged and implemented their technology solutions to save thousands of billable hours lost in dealing with IT headaches and improve efficiency of their law firm through their streamlined, proven processes.

He is the author of Macs in Law: the Definitive Guide for the Mac-Curious, Windows-Using Attorney, published by the American Bar Association, as well as Hassle-Free Mac I.T. Support for Law Firms and Legal Boost: Big Profits Through an I.T.Transformation.

Tom is a highly sought after speaker at many industry events, such as ABA TECHSHOW, and MacTrack Legal, presents numerous ABA CLE presentations, and has been published in the numerous publications, including ABA Law Practice Today, The Michigan Bar Journal, Law Practice Magazine, and popular The Mac Lawyer blog.

Thanks to a great team built on great processes and clear direction, Tom lives in Sarasota, Florida and runs GlobalMac IT remotely. When not working, Tom loves to spend time with his wife, 4 young children and 2 English Bulldogs. Having grown up in San Diego, Tom is most at home in shorts and flip-flops spending as much time in the water as possible (which is easier said than done all those kids!). His passions include cooking, photography and is an avid reader.

By converting my law firm from Windows to Macs, what GlobalMac IT has done for my ability to live my life and law practice, has been remarkable.

In January 2010, I decided to convert my law offices from PC’s to Apple and to become a “paperless” firm. My firm has offices in several states, and I met Tom while working in my California office. Even though there are plenty of Apple consultants in Minneapolis, I was so impressed with Tom’s skills and abilities that I flew him to my Minneapolis offices for a week to do the conversion with my entire staff.

In the following months, Tom worked efficiently with my staff to train them and correct any problems that were encountered. People acclimated to PC’s are often resistant to converting to Mac, but Tom worked with my staff for what seemed like an effortless and seamless transition. GlobalMac IT has been very responsive to any questions or concerns any of us have had. The bottom line is that GlobalMac IT is the most competent Apple Consulting firm I have ever worked with, and I highly recommend his services to all Mac-based law firms.

Update in 2013: “Without you, I would be back in the Stone Age”

By converting my law firm from Windows to Macs, what GlobalMac IT has done for my ability to live my life and law practice, has been remarkable. For instance, I am in Paris and my secretary is up in her cabin in the middle of nowhere. She is tethered to an iPhone, and my partner is home with a sick kid in Minneapolis. Yet, we are doing business at a high level; it is instantaneous.

The setup and tools have to work to remain productive. This does a few things for me:

  1. It provides good employees; because you have to trust the people you are dealing with.
  2. You need to be able to monitor what they are doing, and the tools you have implemented for us lets us see in real time what is being accomplished.
  3. The employees appreciate that they do not have to be tethered to the office if they get sick, or if it is raining or snowing. The work goes on, which is critical.

That is what the services of GlobalMac IT have allowed my business to do, without that I would be back in the Stone Age. I literally could not function the way I do without what you have done for our law firm.

Attorney at Law
Hajek & Beauclaire LLC
Minnetonka, MN
Del Mar, CA
GlobalMac IT
5 / 5 stars
Why You Must Switch your law firm to Macs and Why GlobalMac IT is The Support Partner You Need

For eight years we struggled with PCs and PC service providers. The equipment kept costing more and more and the service providers we used kept going out of business. Every problem was a “crisis” that required hours, if not days, to fix, and that’s when were able to reach the service provider at all. Quite often they would say they would be available in about 72 hours, as if it was okay for us to be down that long. Proactivity was a pipe dream and I was spending a lot my own time, every day, trying to fix issues, instead of running my law firm.

The Apple Business Team in Cupertino connected us with GlobalMac IT when I was ready to migrate over. Within 30 days everyone was acclimated to the change, and things were much simpler. Tasks that took a lot of time on a PC took substantially less on the Mac. Large problems are now almost unheard of and when we do have issues or need support, GlobalMac IT is always there. Many times, support tickets are fixed the same day. No longer do we feel like we are imposing on their time like our previous IT providers; instead they continue to tell us that they are here to help us and make us more productive.

Looking back 2 years later, we cannot imagine going back to PCs or leaving GlobalMac IT. It has been one of the best decisions we made as a company.

Horwitz & Damicone
Akron, OH
GlobalMac IT
5 / 5 stars
GlobalMac IT offers solutions which improve our processes and procedures for our law practice, making our entire staff more productive, as opposed to just fixing the initial problem.

I can’t say enough about the prompt response GlobalMac IT continues to provide us in regards to our IT related issues. Their business model allows them to take a proactive approach, suggesting solutions which improve our processes and procedures for our law practice, making our entire staff more productive, as opposed to just fixing the initial problem.

When we first started transitioning to their services, several of our team members had dealt with repeating issues which our previous IT provider was unable to resolve. The GlobalMac IT team was patient, thorough, and successfully resolved all of the major problems we had been dealing with for a long time. I also did not have to worry about being charged for each individual support call because we have a truly all-inclusive support plan that encompasses anything IT related!

Desert Law Group
Indian Wells, CA
GlobalMac IT
5 / 5 stars