Welcome to this week's SST - Stupid. Simple. Tips. (for Lawyers). Quick to enable, learn and put to use.

Switching between open apps is something you do dozens (hundreds?) of times per day. Are you doing it the easiest way possible?

Most use their mouse or trackpad to go to the dock and click on the app they want. Or show all windows, and click on the one you want to go to.

There is a MUCH faster way!

This is a simple function on your Mac, which I love and have fully built-in as a reflex. I’d be livid if they got rid of this, yet few people use it. Best part, you don’t even need to turn it on, it already is! Plus you can do this without taking your fingers off the keyboard, where they already are.

‘Command + Tab’

That’s it!

Now, to switch between your open apps, press ‘Command + Tab’. You’ll see the logo for all of open apps displayed in the center of your screen. Holding down the Command key, just press Tab until the app you want to switch to is highlighted.

Want to jump back to the app you were just on? A quick Command + Tab and presto! You’re there.

Like I said, this is now baked into my subconscious and I use this command probably more than any other on my Mac.

Super easy to use and it makes switching between open apps a piece of cake.  Try it out and if you found it helpful, share it with your colleagues.