The astounding thing about Macs is that so many people use them, yet some of it’s most powerful features are seriously overlooked.

One of these powerful features, if not Mac’s single most powerful feature, is Spotlight.

Released in 2005, Spotlight is as powerful today as it was revolutionary back. Spotlight indexes everything on your Mac which you can search instantaneously. Specifically, it indexes not only the name of a file, but all the contents within.

The best part? It’s easy to use. Command + Space opens the Spotlight Search. Type in a search and hit enter, and then enter again to open the first result (or use your arrow keys to navigate).

Here’s 3 great ways to start using it today:

  1. Opening apps:
    Type the first few letters of an app and hit Enter!
  2. Use natural language:
    For example, to open files you edited yesterday, you simply type “files I edited yesterday.”
  3. AND / OR / NOT
    To search for files that contain both term1 and term2, just type term1 AND term2. The AND should be in all-caps. The ‘NOT’ operator excludes the terms after it.

If you’ve never used it, start - you’ll quickly be amazed by just how much time it can save you. If you use Spotlight, I hope this reminded you of a feature long forgotten.