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SST#4 - Screen saver lock.

Here’s a fun prank to pull on those who walk away from their computers without locking it. (Security no-no)

When they step away, sneak on their computer, take a full size screenshot of their computer as it is now, then set that image as the background. Then walk away and chuckle as they scratch their head in confusion!

[This is only an idea, I do not condone nor support engaging in any criminal activities]

Moral of the story is - you should lock your computer when you step away.

Some Mac users confuse locking the screen with logging out. The latter means all your files and programs need to be saved and closed - to log out.

Locking the screen leaves everything as it is, and, as the name implies, it locks the screen requiring you to enter your password to unlock it.

There are a few ways to do this. I’ll share 2 today. One manual and one automatic. Use both.

Option 1: Click on Apple in the top left corner and choose "Lock Screen"
Option 2: Enter the keyboard combination ^⌘Q [control + Command + Q]

Both these options lock your screen immediately.

Go ahead. Try it. I’ll wait. Then come back to learn the automatic option.

. . .

Cool, right? Did you try it?


  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Click on Security
  3. Under the General Tab, check "Require password" and choose "Immediately" after sleep or screen saver begins.
  4. Go back to the main System Preferences page.
  5. Click on Desktop & Screensaver
  6. Under the "Screen Saver tab", in the bottom left, click on Never and choose the time-out you want. I recommend 5 minutes at the most. That’s what I have, since I almost always lock my screen when I step away. If I forget, it’ll happen automatically in 5 minutes.

Presto! Better security in less than a minute!

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