Did you already forget what that stands for!? (how could you?)

Stupid. Simple. Tips.

It's going to catch on...I can feel it.

Ok, 2nd of my Stupid Simple Tips for loving your Mac!

SST #2 - Set Default Open With for Calendar and Email

Another annoying default when you use your computer for work.

I'm a strong believer in SILOS - keeping my work email in Outlook and my personal email in Apple Mail.

This way I'll never send an email to someone from the wrong account (which happened more than I'd like to say before adopting this practice).

Problem is, by default when you are sent a calendar invite, vis a .ics file, it opens in Apple's Calendar.

And clicking on an email link opens in Apple Mail.

So if you click on an email address in your web browser or in a document, it opens and created a new email in Apple Mail.

And if you double-click on a .ics file it adds the vent to Calendar.

This is fine if those are your default apps.

But what if you use Outlook for work stuff? Then you want to change these defaults.

What's one of YOUR favorite Stupid Simple Tip ?