So, I have this idea. I recently had a fantastic discussion with Neil Tyra, the host of the Law Entrepreneur Podcast. It is an excellent podcast, and I recommend checking it out. He gave me this new term to add to my vocabulary: technology paralysis.

We've all heard about analysis paralysis, right? And the idea behind that term is you think, and you think, and you think yourself into inaction, and you aren't really doing anything.  So, technology paralysis is what happens when you have so many options to choose from and so many features and things you can do that you end up just getting stuck.

Spinning Plates

So, where do the plates come in?  I think running a law practice is very much like the old circus act of spinning plates. You get the stick, and you spin the plates. So you're spinning plates are all the different things you are in charge of. You've got client work, HR, you've got financial, you've got the technology, you have email accounts to set up, and the list goes on and on.

So, you are spinning all these plates and just doing what you can to get through the day without dropping anything. But, if you take too much time away from paying attention to one of the plates, it stops spinning and falls to the floor and breaks.

Spinning Technology

When it comes to implementing technology within a law practice, this is how a lot of people go about it. You are spinning all of these plates, and then suddenly, there is a pain point. For instance, maybe the scanner is taking too long and, you decide to just buy a new one. You do the research, decide to but the IX1500 because it is the latest and greatest and then you go back to spinning all those other plates. It gets delivered, you unpack it, plug it in, turn it on, do the most basic setup, and get back to those other plates before one falls.

Here it Comes: Technology Paralysis

And at the moment, everything is fine. The problem is that you tell yourself that you will come back to that scanner later and learn how to set it up correctly and create workflows so that the scanner can help everyone work more efficiently. But, when you finally do come back, it hits. Technology paralysis. There are so many features to choose from. So many options, so many videos to watch on the topic, even more articles, even a knowledge base for this specific scanner. There are nearly unlimited options for how to use this device to increase productivity. And so you chose to do nothing and just let it ride with the basic, default settings and get back to all the other plates.

This is what happens, whether it's a piece of software that you are implementing within your practice or a simple little plug-in like text expander, that can be super helpful. But if all you ever do is spin the plate the first time and roll out the new piece of software but never dig into the features, you're missing out on 80% of the value that you could be getting.

You Need a Method

What you need is a specific methodology. A specific process to take inventory of the technology you've got access to:

All your hardware: computers, printers, copiers

All your software: built-in titles on your Mac or PC plus legal-specific titles

Then you need an approach to go through that inventory, prioritize what needs to be done and get a plan to implement it. That is how you can break through this technology paralysis. Because, as long as you are stuck there, your technology holds so much dormant potential.

The Optimized Method: Breaking Free

So if you're interested in this idea, I think you'll really like something I've been working on which is called "The Optimized Method™," and in a few weeks, I will be doing a free workshop on how to break through technology paralysis. I will be explaining this whole optimized method that I have developed.

So, if you want to find more about that go to and you can sign up, and I'll keep you in the loop. In the meantime, keep doing your best to keep those plates spinning but be aware of technology paralysis. Focus on finding ways to break through so you can get more stuff done, more tools put into place, and see more actual results.