JeffMaltzman & Partners Logorey Maltzman is the managing partner at Maltzman & Partners law firm with offices in Florida, California, Washington, and Colorado. Maltzman & Partners offer a wide range of services in a client-focused boutique firm atmosphere. Jeffrey specializes in all aspects of complex litigation, resort and tourism law, admiralty, insurance defense, medical malpractice, and corporate crisis management.  In his 22 years of practicing law, he has accumulated extensive experience handling a wide array of high-profile cases in state and federal courts nationwide.  Jeffrey has substantial trial experience, has been featured in the National Law Journal, and is a fellow of the Litigation Counsel of America.

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Jeffrey Maltzman
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How long have you been on Macs?

We’ve been using them exclusively as a firm for about 7 years.  At a previous firm, a group of fellow partners and I started using them to see how they worked. Though we loved them, the firm did not want to invest the added cost to make the switch. I went to Macs from the get-go when I started my own firm.

How many people are in your firm that are on Macs?

We have fourteen employees using Macs, spread across three offices.

And do you use 100% Macs, or a blend?

Our offices use 100% Macs, no PCs.

What caused you to make the switch to Macs?

We switched primarily because of reliability and fewer tech support needs. Macs tend to take care of themselves and are really easy to use.

What was your biggest challenge when you first made the change over to use Macs?

When we first started our biggest concern was the lack of legal software compatibility. Over the last seven years almost all programs, billings, and legal research have migrated to cloud-based systems which are easily accessed by Macs. All the disadvantages that existed ten years ago are now pretty much completely gone.

What do you feel are the biggest factors making it easier for firms to use Macs these days?

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), ease of customer use, the inherent security of Mac compared to PCs. Far lower IT costs.

What applications do you use to run your firm?

  • Rocket Matter for billing and remote document access
  • Microsoft Word for word processing
  • Microsoft Outlook for Email
  • Apple Keynote and Powerpoint for presentations and jury graphics
  • FinalCut PRO to create trial demonstrative videos
  • DocuSign extensively for affidavits and documents

What hardware does your firm have?

  • All attorneys and staff use iMacs with most attorneys also having either Macbooks or Macbook Pros.  We use 27” iMacs for all partners and use 21” iMacs for associates and staff.
  • Attorneys also use Macbooks or MacBook Pro laptops because of their portability. We specialize in the cruise and resort industries, so we travel far and often including to cruise ships around the world.
  • Attorneys and staff use Apple Watch to keep track of their calendar and event reminders even when away from their desks.
  • Other hardware
    • Some Mac Servers
    • Printers
      • networked to print through copy machines/scan/fax
      • A few of our lawyers also have a small desktop and portable printer in their office, although we have been moving away from that recently since it is really not needed.
      • Thefirm has several small travel printers which we use during trials or while preparing witness statements onboard our client’s vessels.

Anything else?

Our IT costs as a Mac firm are probably 80-90% lower than IT costs when we were on the PC platform. The machines almost never break; there never seems to be hardware, software or malware issues. The only time we need outside IT support is if expanding a server or setting up a new employee.

How do care of your IT needs?

 We have an outside consultant who comes in on an as needs basis. When we used PC’s we were spending $35K per year, now we spend $3k per year on average.

As a firm Maltzman & Partners belongs to the Apple Joint Venture program which is priced at $500 to join, plus $100 per user over five users. That lets any staff walk in and get immediate tech support and complimentary tune-ups of machines. We have found this to really pay for itself.