by Rocket Matter

Increasing online brand awareness is not easy. It takes consistent, relevant, useful content, effective use of social media and the adoption of SEO best practices to really drive it. While most law firms consider each of these different elements separately, successful firms know that driving their brand takes an integrated approach that combines them all and allows them to work synergistically.

Start with Great Content

Potential clients, including the general counsels of corporate clients, say that content is key to finding and validating prospective firms. See: Social Media and Blogging Advice from Lawyers and Law Firm Administrators. You need a home base of operations for your thought-leadership, solutions-based content. It could be a blog attached to the firm’s website or a separate topic-based site. There are varying opinions from experts on this: some saying that it’s best to have a separate site for the blog and others extolling the virtues of making it a part of the firm’s site. I’m in favor of the latter. It’s tough enough to maintain one site and to drive traffic there. Two sites can be a deal-breaker for lawyers with limited time to devote to writing. Get Social If you write it they will not come. Spread the word on social media: on your LinkedIn profile and page, on Facebook – your personal account and your firm’s page, and on Twitter. Work at engaging on these channels to organically grow your reach and expand your brand. Boost an occasional post on the channels for a few dollars. It’ll get to more people and it’s also a great way to add followers as they discover you. There’s also a connection between Social and SEO.

Optimize for Search

Meme notwithstanding, when someone has a problem, they Google it. Optimize your blog posts so that when potential clients with problems search for topics related to the ones you’re discussing, they’ll find you. Here are the basics for using keywords with your posts:

  • Answer a question
  • Solve a problem
  • Teach about a topic
  • Map each page/post to a focus keyword
  • Use each focus keyword once
  • Link page/post content to other page/post focus keywords

Use WordPress

It’s best to use a content management system for your website and blog and there’s none better or easier to use (and more widely adopted) than WordPress. You can quickly Set Up a WordPress Blog for Your Law Office, easily Optimize Your WordPress Blog with SEO Yoast Plugin, and get it Mobile Friendly in Less Than 5 Minutes. Another great resource for getting your WordPress blog and website up and running is Jennifer Ellis’ WordPress in One Hour For Lawyers.

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