The practice of law is structured and propelled by deadlines, and so it follows that the failure to meet deadlines can have catastrophic effects on an attorney’s reputation. In fact, according to a study conducted by the American Bar Association, 24.1% of malpractice claims against lawyers are caused by missed or inaccurate deadlines on attorneys’ calendars. Luckily, there have never been as many tools available to assist lawyers with meeting deadlines as there are now. From practice management software to one-off apps, there is no shortage of tools to facilitate attorneys’ ability to hold themselves accountable for their time-sensitive obligations. Such a flooded marketplace can prove, at times, to be a double-edged sword; the inundation with options can overwhelm, allowing for certain solutions to be overseen.

Perhaps the most valuable time management tool to be included in an attorney’s arsenal is a practice management software that features automated workflow generation. This feature exists to streamline your deadline building, eliminating the risk of overlooking tasks that need to be accomplished or failing to follow through on those tasks. PracticePanther is a leading legal practice management software offering easy, automated workflows to all clients.

PracticePanther’s automated workflow generation is as intuitive as the rest of the software’s interface. All that users have to do is establish a series of tasks associated with a certain type of case, title and label the workflow and its respective tasks, and save it as a template to be applied to any future relevant cases. Attorneys are free to create as many workflows comprised of as many steps as they want.

From the time they are created onward, each workflow can be activated with the click of a button, automatically populating deadlines onto the relevant attorneys’ calendars with respect to a case, thereby eliminating both wasted time and missed deadlines with one single action. Because PracticePanther integrates with a variety of calendaring platforms, any concerns about the visibility of these tasks (and their reminders) is effectively eliminated. Administrators can even choose to receive notifications each time an event or task within a workflow is completed by the person to whom it was assigned.

The increasingly diversified legal tech industry provides lawyers with countless tools to better manage their time. Workflow generation is an invaluable tool in the arsenal of any attorney looking to secure their practice against potential deadline discrepancies. If you’d like to try out PracticePanther’s automated workflows yourself for free, just visit to get started.