In this quick video, I want to show you how lacking the proper I.T. support resources leads an attitude of “we’ll just deal with it,” which is costing your firm tens of thousands in lost efficiency.”

So in the last video I started sharing this concept called the Hidden Costs of Wearing the IT hat. I’ve got 4 data points in this white paper that help you calculate the real impact of having someone IN your firm manage your firm’s technology needs.

If that describes your firm, a big reason you’ve put off writing a check for a “proper” IT provider is that you’ve likely only used IT help reactively, when something breaks and is bad enough to call in the IT guy. So your financials have a small line item for IT support and you think you’re doing great. Problem is, you’re spending a LOT more on I.T., time and resources are being invested and it’s probably not as efficient as you’d like to tell yourself.

In the last video we discussed the 1st data point to gather, a simple time analysis, comprised of 2 items. First, how much time are you and your staff spending with IT related tasks and second, how many interruptions are occurring, keeping in mind that every interruptions causes a loss of 23 minutes on average - for each person involved.

A 3 year client of ours, attorney Jared Harrison with Harrison & Mecklenberg out of Oklahoma, with 16 people, just shared with me that he was spending at least one quarter of his time and up to 1/2 his time dealing with IT items before they hired us.

The 2nd data point that’ll help you realize how much NOT having a great I.T. resources is costing is what I call the “We’ll just deal with it” effect.

Without fail, every single firm we have brought on was clueless they had been suffering from the “we’ll just deal with it” effect.

What is it? First let’s be honest is the role of being the managing partner or owner demanding? Absolutely, there are multiple roles to fill: rainmaking, work production, HR, finance, technology, sales, marketing and a plethora of other items.

If you’re lucky, you have an office administrator, and I know that person is typically overwhelmed with responsibilities. Technology is one of these many responsibilities and everyone on your team knows how busy that person is.

What happens with “we’ll just deal with it” is that someone on your team has an issue, and they think to themselves, "well Suzie or Bob (whoever the person “in-charge” of IT is) is busy. This isn’t that big a deal, I’ll just deal with it." This silent list of items gets long and affects performance and output and efficiency.

Back to real world data. We have always found a long list of items, some small, some medium, and some that became huge issues which could have easily been avoided. This unspoken list of issues that your staff is just dealing with is silently costing you thousands and thousands of lost dollars per year and most likely per month.

Because of this, when we take over IT support, we are very proactive in coaching and teaching everyone in the firm to tell us about every issue, big or small. As this coaching process is repeated on our end, people always step forward with things that have bothered them for years. Small, medium and big issues that have just been dealt with.

So that’s the 2nd data point that will help quantify the Hidden Cost of wearing the IT hat, I’ll touch the 3rd next week, title “The Hobbyist.”

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